Tuesday, March 03, 2009

February has turned in to March

It's March already. I've had a pretty bad start to March. I saw a billboard for a Rob Schneider movie, and that is a good thing never. I believe the Movie is called Big Stan. Hopefully that's all I'll ever know about it. February was pretty good though, apart from the intense humidity that had me sporting a 24 hour shine. My brother in-law Ronnie had to take 3 tees to work; 1 for the 'walk from car to office', one 'mid-day lack of air-con' change, and then the walk back to car change. But he's a reasonably hairy and sweaty guy. I digress.

Save yourself. Don't see this.

This month we've got some neat little tees coming out for ya, as well as some cool promotions so you lot can win more tees. Joe's been working overtime on the designs, I'm not sure how he fits it all in these days, what with all the fashion writing he seems to be doing at the moment. I'm not one to criticize, but I'm not too sure about Joes new found passion for fashion. Each to his own I guess.

Regards, Jay.

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