Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We've all been there..

Missing buses is the worst. Like, it's kinda funny when you see someone else miss a bus and they're all like "Aww DAMN IT!" and then they awkwardly just stand there, but when it happens to you, it's the worst. I wrote a poem about my frustration, to vent my emotions, cause I'm a girl and that's what we do.

Running down the street,

Pushing people off their feet,

Throwing your hands up in the air,

Thinking “do i have the correct fare?”

The bus driver begins to shut the door,

But it ain’t suppose to leave till four,

He don’t care about that though,

He gotta get home to work on his mo.

You bang on the door pleading to be let in,

You even offer to buy him a bottle of Gin,

But he drives off and cackles to himself,

And you can’t help but think,

“I wanna punch him in the mouth”.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Looking for new music?

Remember Myspace? Yea well, it's still around and emo free for the most part. I checked it out recently and found alotta great chilled back artists, so if you're looking for new music, take a gander. (If you know of any other good artists on myspace worth checking out, let us know in the comment section of this blog :) )

Diane Birch
With her voice resembling that of Stevie Nicks it’s easy to see why her music is so popular. Influenced by The Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and Joni Mitchell has resulted in an eccentric and talented young artist worth hearing.

The Alternate Routes
The Alternate Routes give you a little bit of everything. Their mix of both classic, alternative rock songs along with more soft, laidback tunes are sweet and catchy as hell.

Charles O’Malley Martin
Alright alright, I know this guy, but he's good, so check him out and hear it for yourself.

Hanan Townshend
New Zealand’s own Hanan Townshend is one talented cat. Hailing from Wellington, Hanan has an unbelievably knack at pulling the listener in with his sweet folk sound. If you like artists such as The Shins and Arcade Fire, then Hanan’s music is where's it's at.

Mia Carruthers and the Retros
Although a “still-in-the-making” band, Mia and the Retro’s are worth keeping an eye on, from listening to a snippet from their upcoming E.P. it is safe to say that this band has a promising future.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Work that elastic, it's looking fantastic.

I have story to share with y'all... but I'm still writing it, so for now, I will leave you with this....

Monday, May 17, 2010


Gooooood morning! How was your weekend? Good? Watcha do? See any life-changing films? I'm trying to get my paws on a copy of 'Birdemic', it looks phenomenal.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Hey friends, Jay here.

I'm off to Thailand for 2 weeks, so I'm leaving you in the hands of Fran. She's way better than me anyway, and she likes the Internet way more than me as well. And her eyebrows are better than mine too. look at those things.

See you in a few weeks. If I don't die in Thailand that is. Bloody red shirts.

male strippers are nasty

Last night I attended a friend of a friend's birthday party out West. Now I don't know how they do it out West...but apparently male strippers are considered totally legit as presents.

Upon arrival, the birthday girl had had more than her fair share of vodka cruisers, and really, thank god because nothing would of prepared her for what was coming next.

She was instructed to sit on a seat while we formed a semi circle around her and was told that we were going to start a drinking game...but instead was presented with Raven, a 5'8 "stud muffin" with an awe inspiring goatie and Jersey shore abs. Raven wasn't what I imagined male stripper to look like (apart from the firefighter getup), but hey, maybe he's just really good at stripping? Well let me tell you now, the answer to that is no.

Like all good strippers, he started with a classic, the Day Bow Bow song by yello. Flinging his axe around, we expected some fireman jokes about it being "hot in here" and "being on fire", but no, our mysterious man instead started grinding on everything in sight and it was about now that I realised he was more of an exhibitionist than a stripper.

55 seconds later he was down to just a man thong. Yum.

He made his way over to his briefcase (An essential for all firemen) and I wondered, "What's in the briefcase? A extinguisher? A hose?" No. A silk wrap around. Because, as we all know, nothing gets girls going more than bare man flesh in silk. Seductively replacing his thong with his wrap around, he preceded to then make his way around the room showing girls his bits and flinging it in their face. A dream come true for all.

Once he had successfully disturbed everyone in the room, he thanked us and awkwardly started collecting his various bits of clothing from the floor...most of us sat there trying to come to terms by what we had just encountered. But the worst was yet to come...

After he had left in his strip-mobile I noticed he had left a little something other than his dignity behind...his white man thong...and upon closer inspection...a delightful little skiddy in the thong...mmmm, it's now a treasured souvenir belonging to the birthday girl.

There is a moral to this story...a man with only hair on his head and chin never makes for a good birthday present. Ever. You've been warned.

My hero

There are very few words to describe what happens in this video. so just watch it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

arty people have too much time

that's a chandelier made out of tampons. eewww yucky.

waste of staples.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

BIG NEWS: We've launched a new t-shirt website -

We have a new addition to the Mr Vintage family,

This morning at around 9.35am (Sandard GMT +12) we welcomed in to the world. It’s a healthy, functional website, full of t-shirt designs ready to be shipped to your doorstep. We’ve been trying for a while now; but it’s always a pretty tough road building a website, and we’ve kept it on the down low to avoid any potential disappointments, but it’s finally here.

Baby analogies aside, we’re really happy to be announcing the launch of Parinto, and we’d love for all of you to check it out if you’ve got a spare couple of minutes over your lunch break. I can personally guarantee it’ll be more interesting than anything on facebook or twitter today - unless the Parinto news is on facebook or twitter I guess. LINK.

It’s an idea we’ve had for a while; we’ve always wanted to do something that was a little different to Mr Vintage – branching away from the Kiwiana designs – something a little more art-focused. We wanted to create an Internationally accessible brand, work with Internationally acclaimed artists, and create a community for creative’s to contribute and share their passions.

It wasn’t till we met Auckland based designer Stephen Richardson that we realised we could work together; combining our resources, marketing, experience, creativity, and most importantly vision, to create a site that would not only act as an online store, but a creative hub for our favourite International artists, designers, illustrators, and photographers to showcase their latest works.

Fronting the Parinto brand will be Stephen Richardson, you may’ve heard of his label; Richard…son. Richard…son won Metro Magazine’s “Best t-shirt” award in 2007, so he’s kind of a big deal in his own right. He’s a well-travelled dude, and as well as featuring his own designs, he’s handpicked a roster of his favourite designers, illustrators, photographers, and artists to design t-shirts for Parinto. These include Tank Girl comic book legends Alan Martin and Rufus Dayglo, fine artist Max Gimblett, Madrid based illustrator Blanca Gómez, original Memphis Design member Nathalie Du Pasquier, the Cut Collective, and fashion stylist and blogger Adam Bryce amongst others.

You should sign up to the newsletter as well, that’d be a real smart move on your behalf; I tell thee. Make sure you drop by, there’s a lot more to do than just shop; with a section devoted to keeping you up to date with the contributors involved, read interviews with them, learn about their latest exhibitions, as well as exclusive opportunities to win original pieces by the artists.

If you've got any press enquiries, please contact

Monday, May 03, 2010 - Best coffee in town

Kokako are local. Kokako are organic. Kokako are fair trade.

We like Kokako heaps. It’s all we’re drinking. And it smells really glorious.

A big thanks to Mike at Kokako who hooked us up with this delicious Fair Trade Organic Coffee… The dude is a real master of his craft, and if you want the most un-tainted and pure coffee in Auckland, Kokako is the only place to go. They’re literally Auckland’s only dedicated Fair Trade Coffee Roaster. Fresh.

They’ve got a wicked little café in Parnell too (492 Parnell road – just by the Mobil near the top), and if you’re the type that’s really picky about your coffee - this is definitely the place to go and enjoy a quiet cup.

And check out Kokako they’re switched on as.