Friday, May 21, 2010

Looking for new music?

Remember Myspace? Yea well, it's still around and emo free for the most part. I checked it out recently and found alotta great chilled back artists, so if you're looking for new music, take a gander. (If you know of any other good artists on myspace worth checking out, let us know in the comment section of this blog :) )

Diane Birch
With her voice resembling that of Stevie Nicks it’s easy to see why her music is so popular. Influenced by The Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and Joni Mitchell has resulted in an eccentric and talented young artist worth hearing.

The Alternate Routes
The Alternate Routes give you a little bit of everything. Their mix of both classic, alternative rock songs along with more soft, laidback tunes are sweet and catchy as hell.

Charles O’Malley Martin
Alright alright, I know this guy, but he's good, so check him out and hear it for yourself.

Hanan Townshend
New Zealand’s own Hanan Townshend is one talented cat. Hailing from Wellington, Hanan has an unbelievably knack at pulling the listener in with his sweet folk sound. If you like artists such as The Shins and Arcade Fire, then Hanan’s music is where's it's at.

Mia Carruthers and the Retros
Although a “still-in-the-making” band, Mia and the Retro’s are worth keeping an eye on, from listening to a snippet from their upcoming E.P. it is safe to say that this band has a promising future.

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