Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long weekends are so sweet...

Well the long weekend is over, and while our fishing excursion on Friday was awesome, it couldn’t really be classified as a success. Rob managed to catch one Kahawai (apparently that’s how you spell it, I google searched it). Unfortunately we didn't get any photographic evidence of the fish being caught, nor did we get to enjoy it in food form. Slippery little bugger slipped off the back of the boat innit.

But the trip was all good nonetheless, we all had a dip in the open ocean – even Andy was persuaded to get in there. Although he didn’t last too long. Afterwards we got some fish n chips and ate them at this really neat little park. That made up for our lack of success in hunting and gathering.

The trip there was fun too, we listened to heaps of these Ricky Gervais podcasts. They’re hilarious. I suggest you check them out when you’ve finished all your work and want to take a load off. Check out some of the videos starring Karl Pilkington, possibly one of the smartest men in the world. Possibly.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gone Fishing

So it’s Friday, and what a glorious Friday it is! In light of such a beauty day, we’re heading up North to Stanmore Bay for a spot of fishing with our mate Rob. He’s a quality dude, and has been telling us to come up for ages. What better time for a week-day excursion than Friday?

We might be in a little bit of trouble though, barring Joe, none of us really enjoy handling slippery fish all that much. Plus Andy’s scared that he might drown. Muscle men can’t swim too well. Too much Lats, not enough swim work.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rob's home sick!

This morning we all came to work as usual, but were greeted with some rather alarming news…. Rob’s home sick today with his head in the toilet after some dodgy Chilli Calamari, and we’re to hold the fort! And while our thoughts and prayers are with Rob, it does give us a chance to watch a little bit of YouTube without his piercing eyes lookin on us all evil like. He might just read this blog. We don't care though, we do whatever we want.
Whilst doing whatever we want, we uncovered some gems today. The best being this dude ‘Chi-City’. His videos are hilarious; his parking ticket story is especially mind-blowing. Anyway, check it out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll all find it very amusing. Don’t check it out if you’re a little kid though, some of the language aint so becoming mang.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Day Out

Summer really is the sweetest time of the year, it's all sunny and you can go to the beach and stuff. It's been so nice that Rob went camping this weekend. He played Vortex on the beach too. Jay and Joe went to the Big Day Out on Friday, which was awesome. Our favourite act was Lupe Fiasco who was amazing. I was torn between Lupe and TV on the Radio, but a decision had to be made, and I'm pretty sure it was the right one. Niel Young was alright, but he was certainly no Lupe. The boy is good.

On the work front, we're doing a lot of planning at the moment. We want to make sure we can offer you some sweet deals this year, so we're working on a few things at the moment that should keep you lot happy. Joe's busy designing a whole bunch of tees, and this year is really shaping up to be a nice one.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Think you've got a beautiful child?

We're on the look out for one special child to feature in one of our t-shirt designs, so if you think you've made an especially beautiful child, or you know of one, let us know and you'll be rewarded accordingly. That means we'll give you a bunch of free t-shirts. Sweet.

The wee one can be either male or female, and would be best between the ages of 3-6, with plenty of attitude and swagger about them. Get in touch with robert [@] mrvintage . co . nz with any submissions.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Action Time

Well the Freakin weekend is over, and after having substantial amounts of fun, we're back to work! Rob attended popular youth event 'SummerDays' (I'm not really sure if it has some zaney spelling that youths use, it probably includes some Z's or something hip like that). He said it was a cracker, but he's certainly showing the after-effects today. As for me (jay), I went to work on building my Hip-Hop image and attitude by attending the show of a highly regarded rapper 'Atmosphere'. Now, not being rascist, but I expected a Brown African-American man (not sure of the slang word for that) to be rapping infront of me. Instead I was greeted by a white man with blonde hair and a blonde beard. He was good. But it was a surprise. They were the most exciting parts from the weekend anyway.
Tomorrow we're heading out to Manukau to have our annual Strategic Planning meeting. It's always a pretty exciting time; we talk about what we want to do over the next year, and do a few brainstorms that have words with clouds around them and stuff. This time we're having the meeting out in Manukau at the Pacific Centre (it's that thing that looks like an upside down waka). We get to have lunch there. Sweet.

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Life and Times of Robert Ewan

On one of the most beautiful days of the year (I love using that gag in the early stages of the year..... it's a cracker), Rob has fallen ill with a touch of the dreaded hay-fever! He's tried some stuff called 'Telfast', and has said that it has had no effect thus far and is a fairly rubbish product.

One product he does swear by though is a handy little cleaning agent by the name of Shower Witch (check it out here). Rob won't have a bad word said about it. If you've never heard of it, 'Shower Witch' is a magic cleaning agent, part of the 'Wet & Forget' stable. Rob's done some calculations, and he reckons this handy little product will save you about 16 hours a year. Once you've finished your shower, just spray down your shower with 'Shower Witch' and walk away. Leave the sucker to brew over the next 24 hours, and when you return, simply spray down the shower and you're done. He won't shut up about it.

Rob's also one of those guys who sets a lot of goals for himself when the new year is upon him (usually involving numerous Excel spreadsheets). This year he's decided to; buy a house, not drink so much Coke, get a pet Cat that can sit on his shoulder, and do a marathon in July.... In San-Francisco! And true to form, he's already drawn up an extensive weekly training regime on Excel.... complete with how long he'll run, rest days, and what colour undies he'll be wearing that day. Rob's cool.
But seriously, if you've got any sweet tips on training for a marathon, chuck us a line and Rob will get amongst it for sure. Alternatively, if you know where Rob can get that cat that will sit on his shoulder (even whilst walking), let us know and he'll also get amongst that.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Facebook Promo

Seeing as everyone's getting back in to work (well, not everyone, but heaps of us) and you're all getting back in to checking your facebook and reminiscing of your summer break.... we thought we'd give you guys the oppurtunity to win some free tees to brighten up the coming weeks.

It's really easy.....
Become a fan of Mr Vintage on facebook (if you haven't already)
Trawl through your summer photos and find some that you're wearing a Mr Vintage t-shirt in
Add said captured memories to our fan page, and each week untill the end of February we'll give away 3 t-shirts to the most deserving fans.

Easier than pie.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

We're back!

Well, Christmas is done with, and the New Year has been celebrated over a brew or two. So it's back to work for us now. Today we re-opened the office and were greeted by one of the more putrid smells around. As well as the place being shut up over the break, we'd forgotted to clear the sink of its milky cereal bowls. Not the best idea we've ever had. We chucked one of those bowls away, it was not pretty at all.