Thursday, February 26, 2009

Joe's Fashion Report

Joe here.
I do the designing here at Mr Vintage. I’ve been drafted in to do some fashion consulting. I’ll keep it to the point though. This Autumn is soooo all about the alterations. Alterations. alterations. alterations. I can’t stress that enough people. And layers, colourful layers, and please people accessorise. I like what M.I.A has done in the below picture. She’s used her colours well, and that chocolate skin is positively glowing in the club. Well done.
If you need any fashion advice, tips, or just a shopping friend - Don't be afraid to reach out cos I soooo need a shopping bud....BFFs anyone?!?!?! EMAL ME! Oh, and add me on facebook! And read about me too!
Chat soon darlings!


Girls and boys have different body parts. Some girls complain that some of their body parts are too big for our t-shirts. They say they’d rather some sort of V-Neck fit. We understand that you want to look your best in your Mr Vintage t-shirt, and we’re looking in to a few different cuts for you anti-conformists out there.

While we’re knocking about with the cotton though, here’s a pretty good example of how you ladies might like to sex up your tee. She’s taken a Mens tee and made a few snips here and there.

Pictured here is British born songstress M.I.A at some event. Probably in Hollywood. Someone sent this picture in. We don’t look at that website. It’s not cool.



Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Rob!

Rob celebrated his birthday the other day…. I think he turned like 28 or something. The specific age isn’t really all that important though eh, once you’re over 25 you’re just another year closer to being an old man cracking out the crappy puns to the grandkids. No offence though Rob. I love how you can say the meanest things, and providing you say ‘no offence’ get away with it scotch free. I take advantage of the rule all the time. And I do actually love the crappy old puns – Word play is a dying art.

We didn't try the Tapas in fear of them being crap.

So we went down to this fancy bar by Victoria Park Market called La Zeppa, I believe it’s origins are Middle eastern, I may be wrong however. It’s a pretty sweet place, apparently the tapas’ there are mint - we didn’t sample unfortunately. What I can confirm is that, if you’re a 20-30 yr old corporate with a snazzy collared shirt and some lady friends with pretty dresses, you’ll fit right in there like a glove. No offence though all you corporate 20-30 somethings, you’re deserving of such a flaccid atmosphere :)

Speaking of using the old :) symbol, you’ve all used the smiley face symbol before I’m sure. Well, I’m not too sure where I stand on it – it seems to be a handy tool to use in certain circumstances (like say when you’re txting your special lady friend and you wish to express a certain cheeky mood) or as in the case above. What I actually did with my initial :) was show that my use of the ‘no offence’ get-out clause was tongue-in-cheek. Or was it?

Anyway, at La Zeppa we had a few beers and just chewed the fat in general. like dudes normally do. Old Rob had invited a few of his friends down, and let me tell you something about Robs friends. They are a rowdy bunch of chaps. They’ve even got their own gang – called the ‘All Drunks’. Check it out here.

So there were a few of the ‘All Drunks’ down at La Zeppa, and after the stories I’d been told, I was expecting some fireworks. Fireworks of the illegal variety, like banned sky rockets. It was Friday night after all, and they were the All Drunks after all. Their performance was lacklustre however.

The All Drunks: Not drunk all the time, as it turns out.

No shenanigans, no tom-foolery, no drama, no altercations, no funnels. If they were a sports team, like say, the All Blacks maybe – I wouldn’t get up at 4am to watch them play South Africa. ‘The All Drunks: All Drunk, All the Time’. Yeah, except Friday nights whilst celebrating a fellow member’s birthday at a bar that sells alcohol. Pick your game up lads; you’ve got a reputation to live up to. You’re role models now. You must be drunk.

I think that’s enough from me ;)

p.s. If this sounds like some kind of celebrity roasting of Rob and his friends, it’s probably because Rob was saying nasty things to me like, “You like that band the offspring” and “You’re a curry muncher”.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sorry about the late reply

Sorry about the lack of blogs over recent days/weeks. It’s just that I’ve been busy, and my time management is very poor. I’m sure you all survived. Just thinking what’s new….. Not much to be honest, but I’ll try my best to pour out my inner-most thoughts for you folk.

Work has really been turned upside down by the fact that our ‘Coffee Guy’ Lady, the beautiful and lovely Brazilian Carolina, left. Carolina has been bringing us our morning coffees for some time now, well over a year I imagine. And now we have this new lady, and her quality is questionable. Yesterday I asked for an English Breakfast tea. What I received was more like a hot glass of milk. Now, I asked for milk, but just a little bit. I was distraught. It remains to be seen whether I, or for that matter anyone from work, will ever trust her with the responsibility of our morning beverage. Change sucks. Sometimes.

Chris Brown beat Rihanna. We’ve all heard about it. It’s crazy. What a dick. Don't beat Rihanna. I’ve always though he was a dick anyway. With his stupid dance moves, girly voice and the pathetic whispy hairs that hang from his chin. Joe’s the only one at work that likes his music, but then again, maybe Joe’s the only one listening to the 13 yr old girl inside him. That’s probably it.

What's the bet Rihanna milks it though and makes a No.1 heart felt song about heart-break and being abused. Fair enough I guess though.

We’ve been hitting a few movies as well. Slumdog Millionaire, MILK, and The Wrestler. Slumdog was quality. Rob gave me heaps of crap cos I went to Milk with two of my mates and we all enjoyed a tasty Red Wine. Oooh, Rob, you’re such a real man with your girlfriend and your Corona. Meh.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Oma Rapeti debacle

So yesterday we began the new daily t-shirt special for February. It doesn’t have a name yet, and it’s quite annoying constantly referring to a promotion with no name. Someone should really think of a neat little alliteration we could chuck in there. Anyway, it had an ill-fated beginning. Here’s how it went down.

Yesterday morning we were all set to go live with an ‘Uma Rapiti’ t-shirt…. You know, the old song you probably sung at primary school. So we had the design all ready to go; tees ordered, model shots done, tee on the website and everything…

Then we realised that we spelt Uma wrong. It’s spelt Oma... And then we realised Rapiti was spelt wrong, it’s Rapeti. Fail. So, the design went through about 8 of us, and none of us had any idea we had spelt it wrong. In hindsight we should have thought to check the spelling. Next time eh.

We’ve got a whole run of the tees, and they look cool. It’s just that they’re spelt wrong.

Where do we go from here? We want you to decide.

Do we:
a. Sell the tees at the super-sweet price of $9.95?
b. Give the tees away to friends and family for free?
c. Give the tees to the Salvation Army?

d. Line Joes dogs kennel with them?

Post some comments. Do it.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February has turned in to March

It's March already. I've had a pretty bad start to March. I saw a billboard for a Rob Schneider movie, and that is a good thing never. I believe the Movie is called Big Stan. Hopefully that's all I'll ever know about it. February was pretty good though, apart from the intense humidity that had me sporting a 24 hour shine. My brother in-law Ronnie had to take 3 tees to work; 1 for the 'walk from car to office', one 'mid-day lack of air-con' change, and then the walk back to car change. But he's a reasonably hairy and sweaty guy. I digress.

Make it stop Rob Schneider. Honestly.

This month we've got some neat little tees coming out for ya, as well as some cool promotions so you lot can win more tees. Joe's been working overtime on the designs, I'm not sure how he fits it all in these days, what with all the fashion writing he seems to be doing at the moment. I'm not one to criticize, but I'm not too sure about Joes new found passion for fashion. Each to his own I guess.

Monday, February 02, 2009

February Madness

If you haven’t already heard, we’re making a few changes to the site this year. It’s so we can be better at stuff and make you guys happier.

Starting in Feb:

  • We’re stripping back our entire range to JUST Kiwiana. Yeah, you read it right. That means no more; Superman, A-Team, or Care Bears etc.
  • Prices on ALL t-shirts will drop to $29.95.
  • Every weekday you’ll be treated to a brand-new t-shirt design, and on the first day it’s available, you’ll be able to snap it up for a mere $24.95!

So be sure to keep checking in....there's some crackers in there.