Friday, February 26, 2010

Hilary Diff is now dead to me.

I'm going to be honest. I was pretty gutted to hear that my youthful fantasy Hilary Duff is now engaged. Especially seeing the muppet she’s engaged to. He looks like a twat.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Onetangi Fish n Chips. Shit house.

On Saturday I went to Waiheke Island for the day. Waiheke’s a wonderful place when the sun is shining; the air crisp, the birds in-tune, the derelicts placid, the water cool and the fruit sweet.

I was understandably delighted to be spending the day there. As I hopped off the ferry, I had enough time to have a quick disagreement with my special lady friend – good enough that the walk to Onetangi was completely silent and really fast. We made great time, which I love.

Whilst there, we obviously required a delicious meal to satisfy the growing hunger. Fish n Chips made sense. So too did the Onetangi Fish n Chips shop. Much like the feeling you get waking up after a big night on the New Zealand Lager, I immediately regretted my decision.

The prices listed on their menu were a dead giveaway. So too was the sign that read, “Expect to wait a while”. I chuckled and thought (well, hoped really), what great branding – these folk seem really light hearted and funny. Minutes later while still waiting I started to think they weren’t just following the ‘under-promise, over deliver’ management tag line my uni lecturer Mr Barlow had drilled in to me in 1st year. They really were that shit.

One of the chefs then noticed us waiting patiently and called to the waitress to pop inside and serve us. Approaching in a flurry of hand drying, the tubby employee approached and looked at us expectantly, without saying a single word. As we ordered, her expression barely changed, her eye contact was non-existent and I watched as she scratched her crotch for an extended period of time. As a reflex I diverted my eyes elsewhere where I stumbled across more of their tasteful branding – a sign that read, “be nice or leave”. This time I let out a cheeky little lol.

Upon receiving our food, we were astonished to find that our ‘scoop’ of chips was closer to a child’s handful, the spicy calamari consisted of two tubes, and the hot-dog on a stick was actually on a stick and not a tooth-pick.

Next time you go to Waiheke, take a picnic, unless you want to be served fish and chips by Lucifer.

If you want real Fish n Chips go to ‘Bonzo Burgers Bar’ on Mt Eden Rd. Bonzo is a great guy.

Mr Bonzo will give you a generous scoop of chips that for damn-tooting.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gizzy. a round of applause.

Some interesting news came to light today. Gisborne is the newly crowned ‘Clap Capital’ of the North Island. Which is great.

I think previously Hamilton had held the title, but they’ve now been defeated. Word has it a large number of New Years revelers had an impact in these telling statistics. I’m not pointing my finger at Hayden.

Our designer Joe is from Gisborne, and while he’s not too happy with the new title, he is thinking about a new t-shirt design. I have a feeling he will no longer be welcome in his family home.Gizzy.

Joe. Gazing off in to the fields of Clap.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Double Pounder. and a pounder too.

Hayden came in to work today with a great drunken tale. He does this a lot. Youths.

Him and his white mates purchased a few bottles of wine and drove them in to their guts. Drunk. Then, as it is done, they visited McDonalds. That’s when Hayden decided he wanted to see one of his friends eat a ‘Pounder’ (comprised of 4 quarter patties w/ cheese in-between each).

His tall mate Ollie was up for it, so Hayden obliged and set him on his way. Ollie can’t say no. But that’s another yuck story.

He finished with ease, the only evidence being a slight sheen to his face. Meat sweats.

So Hayden got him a Double Pounder. 8 patties. 8 slices of cheese. $27 Large.

The McDonalds manager was so stoked - he had never seen this feat achieved before - he was taking photos and even arranged for a bin to be positioned beside Ollie so he could put his meaty/winey guts in there.

Glad I'm vegetarian.

Ollie got there in the end. Somehow. And then he took advantage of the managers generosity and put the contents of his insides in to that bin. Patrons watched on; some cried, some complained, and some applauded the act. All were amazed.

Thanks Hayden. And Ollie too.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

lil bit

Alison Mau.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cupcakes beat flowers any day. Especially VALENTINES DAY.

The other day the people at sent us some of their cupcakes and we ate them all up very quickly.

So we got to thinking. Valentines Day... LIGHT BULB.

Wheels motioned.

Come in to the MR VINTAGE STORE this Friday, Saturday or Sunday (12th, 13th, or 14th), spend over $50 and we’ll give you a FREE DELISH CUPCAKE. OR come down and just buy them for $5.

These aren’t just ordinary cupcakes. They’re handmade with LOVE, and a custom little Mr Vintage Valentines design is on top. They come individually boxed, sealed with a sticker – ready for you to give to the one you LOVE.

There are 3 flavours; strawberry n vanilla, dark choc with white, and red n white choc. BUT it doesn’t really matter; they’re all ridiculously delicious.

They’re a fellow NZ business, and we really dig what they do. Well. What they make. Delicious cupcakes. So give the gift of cupcakes and t-shirts this year.

Mr Vintage and Delish Cupcakes – Taking care of your Valentines Day so you can focus on the kissing/heavy petting.

had to laugh at Andrew Hore.

The Seal Shooter just loves it. and you can tell. it's all over his face.

Monday, February 08, 2010

The t-shirt of the day is now $19.95!

We thought it’d be cool to do a few new things around the place this year. To keep things fresh.

So we did a bit of math. Chewed our pencils. Crunched some numbers. Scratched our heads. Carried a few two’s.

Worked out that we could actually make the t-shirt of the day $19.95.

We all thought it’d be a good idea. So we just went right ahead and did it.


NOW the t-shirt of the day is $19.95 THAT’S AWESOME.

Tell all your friends about me. Like Batman.

at just $19.95 even this kid can now cover up.

Doing 'Round the Bays this year'?

Take a load off. We'll take care of your tees.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hayden is back!

The start of the month brought with it an exciting little treat in the form of the returning Hayden.

Now, traditionally, when Hayden arrives back from a spell out, he comes equipped with some of the most exciting, unbelievable and entertaining stories. This time round, not so much. He did have one tale about getting strip searched for drugs at some summer youth event, but that was about it.

I’m sure you’re disappointed too, so I thought I’d post this lovely pic I got from his bebo page.

"I'd be a sexy chick..."