Friday, February 26, 2010

Hilary Diff is now dead to me.

I'm going to be honest. I was pretty gutted to hear that my youthful fantasy Hilary Duff is now engaged. Especially seeing the muppet she’s engaged to. He looks like a twat.


Anonymous said...

What on earth is she doing???

Anonymous said...

doggie style :D

Anonymous said...

Hed been brought to his old suite of rooms and laid out on his bed. Like him, Hyle was naked save for the robe that had seen better days. He made no secret that he could read any mind he chose, elvenborn or elvenchanged. She recognized that particular position from prior matches and knew it wasnt one easily broken. Only then did she become aware of the attention of the others in the balcony. Radins lips brushed her temples, his fingers still stroking her loose hair. Needing reassurance, Eyrhaen glanced up at her former master. A soothing warmth pulsed within her, her goddesss spell primed. She could still turn away and leave. I owe each of you an apology as well. Not that it moved him. She probably deserved their scorn, but really, enough was enough. Shouldnt you all be with Nialdlye? He growled, lips slanting over hers as he thrust again. Dont stop, she begged, clutching sheets. One hand braced on his breastbone, she lifted higher on her knees. Do you have time to come speak with me? What if one of them had fathered a child? We arent exactly a monogamous society. He growled, a pleasant rumble against her breasts.