Friday, February 12, 2010

The Double Pounder. and a pounder too.

Hayden came in to work today with a great drunken tale. He does this a lot. Youths.

Him and his white mates purchased a few bottles of wine and drove them in to their guts. Drunk. Then, as it is done, they visited McDonalds. That’s when Hayden decided he wanted to see one of his friends eat a ‘Pounder’ (comprised of 4 quarter patties w/ cheese in-between each).

His tall mate Ollie was up for it, so Hayden obliged and set him on his way. Ollie can’t say no. But that’s another yuck story.

He finished with ease, the only evidence being a slight sheen to his face. Meat sweats.

So Hayden got him a Double Pounder. 8 patties. 8 slices of cheese. $27 Large.

The McDonalds manager was so stoked - he had never seen this feat achieved before - he was taking photos and even arranged for a bin to be positioned beside Ollie so he could put his meaty/winey guts in there.

Glad I'm vegetarian.

Ollie got there in the end. Somehow. And then he took advantage of the managers generosity and put the contents of his insides in to that bin. Patrons watched on; some cried, some complained, and some applauded the act. All were amazed.

Thanks Hayden. And Ollie too.


Karo said...

Woah... how many cows were harmed in the making of this stunt?

Anonymous said...

karo no cows were harmed! mcdonalds don't use real meat! didn't you know?