Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We’ve been getting amongst the Twitter a lot more here as well, it’s a pretty snazzy little platform, and I’m finding it really useful. I’ve got a personal one too (@JayGovind), so if you want to follow me that’d be a lovely gesture too. It’s definitely a lot more than the “seeing what people are eating for lunch” information that some foolish people think it is. I’m not going to go in to the benefits too much; you’d have me here all day. What I will say is that we’d love to have you following us on Twitter – make sure you say hi, and we’ll talk (well, tweet). We’ll be giving away tees, running competitions, seeking feedback, and we’re happy to hear any ideas you have as well. You’ll also get some sneak previews of designs and even input in to our designs and promotions. It’s like you’re part of the team. So if you haven’t got a Twitter, get amongst it – it’s real easy to set up and it’s a whole bucket load of fun and laughter.

April Wrap up

It’s almost May already. Crazy. Feels like Christmas was only last month... I’ve noticed that though, as you get older the years go by faster and faster. Depressing really. I can still remember when my biggest concern in life was facing up to the task of the dreaded Social Studies and long division. I still can’t carry out long division to this day. But then the only maths I do is calculating how much I can buy at the Hollywood bakery for $5. Zing.

I guess there’s a little bit of Peter Pan in all of us though, some more so than others. Sometimes when people ask me how old I am, I still reply 20 or 21, it makes me feel like I’ve still got time to achieve all my sporting and professional dreams. Side note: I’d play any sport professionally; Football & Tennis being the top choices due to their combination of money and celebrity (and yes, I will be one of THOSE Dads that pushes their Kids way too much and lives vicariously through their success regardless of their own desires). I wish I could go back to being 17 again to be honest. And it would be even better if I looked like Zac Efron. I’d have so much fun. Someone should really make a movie about that. That’s a creative storyline, with just the right mix of Hollywood accessibility and plausibility. Zac Efron is oh so hot right now.

Zac Efron living the dream - what a talent.

Anyway, seeing as we’re like a full-on fashion company nowadays, we’ve gone all seasonal on you. Let’s call it the ‘Winter 09 line/range/collection/anything that makes us sound more professional and fashionista’. It’s all the same crap in any case; we initially went down a fancier route, calling it the “Hoodie Week”. I think it was Rob who had the idea of doing hoodies in conjunction with Winter. Smart. Cos people get cold in winter, and it’s good to have clothing that keeps you warm. And hoodies do just that. So for all of you have been bombarding our enquiry section of the website with demands for more hooded apparel, you can now go outside safely with your new Mr Vintage hoodie – once you get your hoodies of course.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gold Coast Adventure

We’ve been in dire need of a holiday for a while; Andy hasn’t seen the sun in so long. He’s really white – it’s just horrible. We didn’t really have too much of a Christmas break. It seems all you crazy fools were taking your mobile cellular phones to the beach and accessing our webpage via the Internet to make purchases whilst tanning it up on your time off. Technology eh? These days it’s all about being connected to the web.

So we took a very belated Xmas break over Easter to head to a place known as the Gold Coast. Not too sure why it’s called the Gold Coast, Joe reckons it’s cos it’s the ‘Land of opportunity, where the streets are paved with Gold’. But what does Joe know – after all, he’s just a designer, and they’re mainly just good at things like drawing and using Mac computers. Designers and Macs..... They think Apple products are the bees’ knees.

It’d be too hard to take you through everything we did, and to be honest, you might think less of us if I did reveal all. Luckily though, young Joe came to the rescue again with his trusty memory catcher. It’s using these captured moments of fun that I’ll be able to take you through a few of the highlights from our trip. It’s my hope that the captions will explain what’s going on in each photo...

Andy looked so good it made Rob feel a little better after his all night Dance Party antics

The beautiful view from the deck. Shown here in a before & after shot. Like the infomercials. We'd go on to enjoy a few drinks on this deck.

We were all just so happy to be there that we'd smile for the camera at any opportunity.

Sweet Irony. One day I'll get to use those funny little things. Untill my faith falters though I'll just go on smiling about it.
We didn't get any photos after the first day, but we did go to Dream World and White Water World. Both days were thoroughly enjoyable. Joe and Andy have already made tentative enquiries in to working at White Water World. It's a truly magical place. Joe came on the trip but isn't in any photos seeing as he was always taking them. He didn't trust us to handle his camera.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hail to the Hail.

Last Thursday was a day like any other Thursday. Tension was high in the office and Joe was ‘Twittering’ away. Actually, it wasn’t really like any other Thursday, seeing as we knew we were going to the glorious Gold Coast the next day. In any case, we were strolling along as usual when we were greeted by an almighty wind and the pelting of what sounded like steel rain crashing against our door. Hail! The good Lord had sent us something to get excited about. And we did get very excited.

The desolation of being locked away in our bunker of an office was lifted, our hermit-like existence obliterated with every drop of hail. Ecstasy, elation and wonder! Because Rob was away, we all sensed an opportunity. After timidly peeking outside, we let our inhibitions run free – much like young lovers would when the parents are away. We frolicked outside amongst the hail, playfully throwing balls of hail at one another whilst screaming in a satisfied fashion. The joyous occasion was only dampened by the feeling of numbness in the hands and feet for those of us silly enough to brave the weather without adequate footwear.

Luckily Joe was on hand with his memory catcher to immortalise the time.
Needless to say he "twittered' about it too. Typical.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Letter of the Year

Every now and then we get an email through the website that really just makes our day. This particular little gem is a very well written piece of fan mail regarding one of our female models (pictured below). It made us laugh.

Dear Mr Vintage team,

As I trudge through the wintry mire of sleet and suet complexions in London each morning, I think of home - primarily sand, water and happiness. Yesterday, feeling particularly tubercular and grey, I opened an email from you and was particularly buoyed. Your 'Paul Henry' model was delightfully fresh. She exemplified the best of our country; a true product of the plunkett system, abundant dairy products and compulsory sport in schools. Thank you. Please pass on my best wishes and the offer of a night on the tiles should she be passing through.

Sarah. Causing quite the stir with her, ermm, Plunketty-ness.

Paul Henry's a fan!

So it turns out that Paul Henry is a fan of Mr Vintage! Which is neat, cos we're fans of his too. Mutual feelings are so great.

He said: "Social commentary on T-shirts is quite brilliant and it's a modern way of getting a message across. I went in and bought a few. I like them." Check out the entire article here. And he did come in to get some. I was too scared to talk to him though... I thought he might say something about my lack of facial hair or something.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Why I'm gutted to be from Auckland.

Another site I found whilst ‘surfing’ the web today.

You'd bloody well hope not.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be documenting exactly why this site and these people should move to Stuart Island and stay there.

All for a few google ad clicks... It’s not real. But it’s the kind of thing you could half expect the Indonesian authorities to allow if they saw a bit of the dosh.

In the ‘Photo Tour’ viewers are recommended to give Shapelle gifts. This may encourage her to “pose and smile” for photos.

Photoshop. Comes in handy.

Feeding Time Tour: For just $10AU you can not only watch Shapelle eat her meals, but you can “feed Schapelle yourself – watch her face light up as you throw various pieces of food to her”.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

You can't stop the Moustache

Turns out we weren’t the only ones cool enough to comment on ‘Moustache-Gate’. This dude James at George FM made this sweet remix-track of Paul Henry’s moustache gate. We reckon its rad. Check it out here.

Thanks James, awesome tune.