Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Store update...

We tend to get pretty restless on Fridays here at Mr Vintage, and last Friday Rob was kind enough to take us out for a little treat to quell our insatiable appetite for action... we went to see our new home!

It’s looking heaps better than last time – there are a whole new bunch of walls and gib everywhere (me and Hayden know a little bit about gib after our recent early morning escapades at the Mr V HQ, but that’s another story for another day)... So yeah, check it out, it won’t be too long before we’re in there – and rest assured, we’ll have a grand party before we open.

What will be our new showroom. Complete with sunshine streaming in.

This was our band shot in the warehouse, sweet eh. Check out Andy's ample calves.

That's me climbing the scaffolding in the second part of the warehouse. I'm so adventurous.

Those are Joes feet, inside Joe's shoes. They're like size 13 or something. BFG.

Andy - getting to work already. lol (He already had this caption in mind when posing for the photo).

Rob. What a beauty. No homo.

Me getting my 'Super-Kawaii' on.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Ed Hardy. Goes particularly well with Sunbeds. The A-List just loves both.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Feedback on Daily Tees as Requested.

We got an email the other day from some dude who wasn’t all that happy about our t-shirts and, well, our site in general. We don’t get that many excessively negative emails like this, so I thought it’d be fun to reply to him and share the whole conversation with you guys. I think subconsciously I felt compelled to challenge this particular young man because he had the old ‘69’ included in his email address. I think anyone that has 69 in their email address needs a swift slap to the face. Sadly the correspondence didn’t last as long as I had hoped, but it might make for some interesting reading in any case.
Subject:Feedback on Daily Tees as Requested.
Enquiry date:2009-07-07 12:36

Seriously Poor designs. I have no idea what your marketing strategy is, but can you honestly see people wearing the vast majority of these shit designs you have been spamming out.

I currently own two of your shirts; "Hamiltron City of the Future" and "Georgie Pie." The latter is the only great daily shirt release so far and the former is class.I once purchased "Keep NZ Beautiful" but literally threw it away after one wear - the Kiwiana design was great. However the Shirt was a poor cut, making me [6ft, 70kgs, slim build] look like a formless, raging fatty! It also was thick, coarse and picked up lint + fiber like crazy. Finally the transfer/decal was a horrible plastic that didn’t breathe or contour with the shirt folds.

Kiwiana is truly cool, but it needs to be mainstream to appeal to me. 90% of the designs that you have released in you daily t-shirt have been obscure and rubbish. I actually unsubscribed to the mail list for a time as it was painful to see. Added to this was the sheer dorkyness of some of the concepts. I hate being forced to explain a funny t shirt, it is akin to explaining a joke, and it loses so much when done.

I would suggest you look around some of the other Tee sites; 6dollartshirts.com, bustedtees.com, snorgtees and my favourite - palmercash.com.

I only frequent mrvintage on the forlorn hope you have required some class. Strangely some of the better designs have disappeared - e.g.; "Monopoly - I won $10 in a beauty contest" etc. I assume you pay a royalty fee so your margins are smaller, but variety and consumerism based shirts are rockin.
Subject: Re: Feedback on Daily Tees as Requested.
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 11:57:33 +1200
Hey Dave,

Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate all feedback here at Mr Vintage - good and bad.

I'm glad you have contributed towards our wages by buying a few of our t-shirts. That's great news. I'm sorry to hear our Marketing Strategy is not to your liking, but it appears that your opinion is in contrast to the majority of our customers - who have shaped this model.

I'm also sorry to hear the KNZB t-shirt wasn't to your liking, it may have been in the age of our first t-shirts, which were a little bigger. But your size dimensions do astound me, and I'm happy to say that Andy from work has made some suggestions. Andy spends a lot of time at the gym, and his body is a master-piece. He says that he too used to be a frighteningly skinny boy, and he would recommend that you begin to eat bigger meals; plenty of protein, carbs, and a whole lot of steak. After this he recommends you hit the gym and work your way in to a Men's Small. Prospective lady friends will too notice your increased efforts to look more manly and less rake-like.

Thanks for pointing out those websites, seeing as we're in the t-shirt industry we're always interested to see what other professionals are up to. I've circulated the list around the office, and we're all going to take turns on the only office computer that has Internet capabilities and check them out. We'll probably all sit around and talk about t-shirts while the web-pages are loading as well, as the connection via dial-up is not the quickest apparently. We want to unbundle soon. Amateurs.

Again, I find myself apologising. Our designs should never have been so obscure that you had to explain them to your friends. Please send my apologies to them for making them think - that was wrong of us, and I will make a promise to you: We will never design a t-shirt that makes you think. *Pinky Promise*.

I regret to inform you that in addition, we will not be altering our 'Marketing Strategy' for you. If you have any further concerns, please let me know and I will put my head together with Andy and come up with a suitable solution for you Kind Sir.

Jay Govind
Prince of Marketing
Mr Vintage Ltd

From: Dave
Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009 10:12 AM
Subject: RE: Feedback on Daily Tees as Requested.

Lol, Nice one.
If only your shirts were as funny as this reply!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

100% Scary

Just a quick shout out (I've always wanted to do a shout-out) to the guys over at 100% They're the dudes that ended up buying the 'Scary Washing Machine' that you all love so much...

They've since embarked on a nation wide Charity tour of New Zealand, which definitely makes them good buggers in my books. Check em out.

Monday, July 13, 2009


We’re moving!

Parnell has been a great home for us over the last 2 and a bit years, and we’ve grown especially fond of the Hollywood Bakery on Parnell Rd. But it is time for us to move in to a bigger space – should be cool, it’ll be more of an actual retail store, so you won’t have us looking at you from behind the computers uncomfortably while you shop. The offices will be out back, and hopefully it’ll mean I won’t put my foot in it by saying inappropriate things in front of customers as much – which will be a nice change.

But before we go we’ll have some kind of ‘closing down’ sale to clear a bit of stock, mainly because it means less stuff for us to move. And rest assured we’ll have a massive ‘new store opening’ party, this time mainly because we like to party. More to come on that later though.

Anyway, we checked out the new premises - and while we can’t say where it is just yet – the place is going to be pretty sweet. We got Joe to take some photos, check it.

Showrom space. Yes boss.

That's where we'll do the break-dancing.

Rob talking smack.

Rob wore a shirt as he had some very important decisions to make. Like Flavor Flav.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

t-shirt Design Submission of the week:

Andy told me it's a play on the saying "as useless as tits on a Bull". I get it now.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Thanks Kelly

Today we received a package from a customer who obviously has a lot of love and compassion in her heart. After hearing about our current plight, she sent in two bottles of wine. They were accompanied by this lovely note, and we are totally chuffed. The wine will definitely help pick us up.

Dear Mr Vintage,

I have always loved the creativity of your t-shirt designs, and my friends and family have enjoyed receiving them as gifts. I also love getting my t-shirt of the day email, as it always puts a smile on my face.

I was really saddened to hear about the break in that happened to your Parnell store. I cannot replace what was taken, or make you feel more at ease about someone rummaging through your stuff, but I thought these couple of bottles of wine might help pick you up.

All the best in getting everything sorted out.

Loyal fan
Kelly Reed
Northern Market Manager
Constellation New Zealand Ltd

Friday, July 03, 2009

the A-list.co.nz:

TK: Nah bro, totally leave the glasses on. Kieran: Yeah. I thought they looked cool.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

That's Awesome

In light of recent events at Mr Vintage, I thought it was a good idea to put something up that would make even the saddest man in the world smile. See, it looks like they're having a little jacuzzi.