Friday, October 16, 2009

andy got a dog

The other day Andy got a really little ‘handbag’ dog. We teased him about it for a bit, and then when that got old Joe made this. Good and nice one.

You must always blow on the pie.

This guy has to be one of the quickest thinking cops around. I’m terribly stoked that cops can actually have a bit of a laugh like regular people too. I remember when I worked at Mitre 10 we used to always play little games as well – like seeing how many times we could slip in the F-word when talking to non-English speaking customers. His gag is way better though. And it's true... You must always blow on the pie. Safer communities together.

I was talking to my old mate the other day, who's a cop, and he knows this dude. Reckons he's not even that funny, and his persona is more 'boring and grumpy' than 'funny and hilarious'. Interesting.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're making some Changes

We’re ALWAYS LISTENING to what you, our customers, are saying. Whether it’s through facebook, twitter, enquiries through the website, or feedback in-store – we always take note and every now and then we sit down and see if there’s any logic in what your saying. And there is.

Here’s a bunch of things you lot always seem to ask for:

• Can I get this on a v-neck?
• Does this come in a kids tee?
• Do you have this design on a hoodie?
• The item I want is out of stock, when will you get it back?
• Can you call me when this is back in stock?

Good news. We splashed out and bought a SCREEN PRINTING MACHINE. The bad news was there was no voucher in the ‘Entertainment Book’ for a screen printer. What are the odds? Anyway, it means we can print way quicker, and offer you more variety. So over the coming months we’ll be offering more style options to you per design.

We’ve decided that SUMMER is on the way too, so singlets are on the way ladies. So too is the scoop neck, just in case you wanted to show off your sternum in the summer sun.

My sister had a BABY and my brothers’ baby is now a TODDLER, so we’re going to be doing more 1 piece baby suits and toddlers t-shirts very shortly otherwise I’m screwed for Christmas presents this year. Plus all the Mums from the yoga class next door are really demanding, so we kinda have to print some more.

BUT THE BIGGEST BIT OF NEWS is that the ‘design of the day’ will now only be available for 24hrs. Thereafter, the design will go to the ‘RETIERD DESIGNS’ section. There you can vote for the design to be re-printed, and when the design receives enough votes you’ll be emailed personally letting you know first that it’s back. It means you’re going to have to be way quicker and check the website daily… Actually, the best way would be to JOIN THE NEWSLETTER and then you get an email with the design of the day straight to your inbox.

We realise that some people will be unhappy about this, BUT

• It’ll cut down on out of stocks of other designs
• It’ll allow us to get your orders out faster
• It’ll mean some of your shirts will be limited edition collectors’ items

And NO, we can’t call you when it comes back in stock. It’s much easier than that. Simply go to the product page of the t-shirt you’re after and head down to the ‘live stock chart’. There, just choose the size you’re after and click the ‘notify me when available’ text and you’ll be emailed when it’s available. Easy as.

The world is changing. And so are we.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Could you be the one?

We need a casual helper, as the title suggests. What you’ll basically be doing will be helping us out with little things that need to be done around the place, on a casual basis – again, as the job title suggest. I thought this was enough of a job description, but I’ve been told to expand on it. So here it goes.

The ‘little things that need to be done’ may include:

  • Folding cotton t-shirts
  • Checking inwards goods (counting the t-shirts)
  • Talking to Hayden about what he did over the weekend
  • In-store customer service
  • Online and telephonic customer service
  • Running up to the fish n chippery to obtain a package of $5.00 chips

How ‘casual’ is casual?

  • Pretty casual really – we don’t have a uniform or anything
  • You’ll need to work on Saturdays though
  • Pretty much full time leading up to Christmas
  • When you’re hung-over we’ll allow you to nip off to grab a blue Powerade from Caltex

Think you’re right for this role? Here’s a checklist for ya:

  • When you see a big pile of work to do you just can’t wait to get amongst it
  • You notice little things that others might miss
  • Working towards a common cause motivates you
  • You’re friendly and have strong ‘small talk’ skills e.g. she’s a nice day today eh?
  • You’d hand in a wallet that you found at a supermarket
  • Even when you’re really super hung-over you still come in to work on time

How to get this job:

  • Quickly prepare a CV and cover letter
  • Email your curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter to sales{at}
  • Make sure your references are included in said CV
  • Tell us in under 20 words why we should choose you

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Watched Outrageous Fortune last night. I’ve watched it for a while; I think it’s a good show with some good characters. Last night’s finale was a cracker… if you missed it I suggest you check it out. People were updating their facebooks and tweeting tweets about it. Crazy.

It’s amazing what some people put on their status updates. Anything and everything. Case in point Joe our designer. The guy is full of updates – he’ll update about his lunch, music, bowel movements and mood. He’s easily the most sensitive of all the guys here. But there’s far worse than Joe, check out this update. It’s not the sort of information you need to share on facebook…

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fight of the Century

The Fight of the Century was on Saturday night. Or should I say my special lady friends’ birthday was on Saturday night. lol. No surprises with the fight anyway, I knew Tua would destroy him. I play Wii boxing at home, so I know what I'm talking about. That being said, Tua was animal in the ring on Saturday and totally deserved such an emphatic victory.

I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends that were certain Monsieur Cameron was going to win though. Their reasons varied. Age, physical shape, recent activity, literacy, height and mountaineering experience were all bandied about pre-fight. Oh well. Earned me a tidy $20 bung off my stupid brother-in-law Jono. Shwing.

Our operations Executive Andy Shackleton actually went to the trouble of driving down to Hamilton to see the 3 minute and 7 second fight. He is pleased to confirm it is not in fact the city of the future, and noted on a more promising note that certain establishments now carry EFTPOS facilities. He arrived back in Auckland unscathed and free of Chlamydia. Great success.

Yeah, no shit.