Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Could you be the one?

We need a casual helper, as the title suggests. What you’ll basically be doing will be helping us out with little things that need to be done around the place, on a casual basis – again, as the job title suggest. I thought this was enough of a job description, but I’ve been told to expand on it. So here it goes.

The ‘little things that need to be done’ may include:

  • Folding cotton t-shirts
  • Checking inwards goods (counting the t-shirts)
  • Talking to Hayden about what he did over the weekend
  • In-store customer service
  • Online and telephonic customer service
  • Running up to the fish n chippery to obtain a package of $5.00 chips

How ‘casual’ is casual?

  • Pretty casual really – we don’t have a uniform or anything
  • You’ll need to work on Saturdays though
  • Pretty much full time leading up to Christmas
  • When you’re hung-over we’ll allow you to nip off to grab a blue Powerade from Caltex

Think you’re right for this role? Here’s a checklist for ya:

  • When you see a big pile of work to do you just can’t wait to get amongst it
  • You notice little things that others might miss
  • Working towards a common cause motivates you
  • You’re friendly and have strong ‘small talk’ skills e.g. she’s a nice day today eh?
  • You’d hand in a wallet that you found at a supermarket
  • Even when you’re really super hung-over you still come in to work on time

How to get this job:

  • Quickly prepare a CV and cover letter
  • Email your curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter to sales{at}mrvintage.co.nz
  • Make sure your references are included in said CV
  • Tell us in under 20 words why we should choose you


Anonymous said...

Amazing job description. so funny!

MJ said...

Hiya, just wanted to know if this is taken already?? hehe sounds like a cool place to work :)