Monday, July 13, 2009


We’re moving!

Parnell has been a great home for us over the last 2 and a bit years, and we’ve grown especially fond of the Hollywood Bakery on Parnell Rd. But it is time for us to move in to a bigger space – should be cool, it’ll be more of an actual retail store, so you won’t have us looking at you from behind the computers uncomfortably while you shop. The offices will be out back, and hopefully it’ll mean I won’t put my foot in it by saying inappropriate things in front of customers as much – which will be a nice change.

But before we go we’ll have some kind of ‘closing down’ sale to clear a bit of stock, mainly because it means less stuff for us to move. And rest assured we’ll have a massive ‘new store opening’ party, this time mainly because we like to party. More to come on that later though.

Anyway, we checked out the new premises - and while we can’t say where it is just yet – the place is going to be pretty sweet. We got Joe to take some photos, check it.

Showrom space. Yes boss.

That's where we'll do the break-dancing.

Rob talking smack.

Rob wore a shirt as he had some very important decisions to make. Like Flavor Flav.

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Anonymous said...

ats the suburb? the city?