Monday, April 20, 2009

Gold Coast Adventure

We’ve been in dire need of a holiday for a while; Andy hasn’t seen the sun in so long. He’s really white – it’s just horrible. We didn’t really have too much of a Christmas break. It seems all you crazy fools were taking your mobile cellular phones to the beach and accessing our webpage via the Internet to make purchases whilst tanning it up on your time off. Technology eh? These days it’s all about being connected to the web.

So we took a very belated Xmas break over Easter to head to a place known as the Gold Coast. Not too sure why it’s called the Gold Coast, Joe reckons it’s cos it’s the ‘Land of opportunity, where the streets are paved with Gold’. But what does Joe know – after all, he’s just a designer, and they’re mainly just good at things like drawing and using Mac computers. Designers and Macs..... They think Apple products are the bees’ knees.

It’d be too hard to take you through everything we did, and to be honest, you might think less of us if I did reveal all. Luckily though, young Joe came to the rescue again with his trusty memory catcher. It’s using these captured moments of fun that I’ll be able to take you through a few of the highlights from our trip. It’s my hope that the captions will explain what’s going on in each photo...

Andy looked so good it made Rob feel a little better after his all night Dance Party antics

The beautiful view from the deck. Shown here in a before & after shot. Like the infomercials. We'd go on to enjoy a few drinks on this deck.

We were all just so happy to be there that we'd smile for the camera at any opportunity.

Sweet Irony. One day I'll get to use those funny little things. Untill my faith falters though I'll just go on smiling about it.
We didn't get any photos after the first day, but we did go to Dream World and White Water World. Both days were thoroughly enjoyable. Joe and Andy have already made tentative enquiries in to working at White Water World. It's a truly magical place. Joe came on the trip but isn't in any photos seeing as he was always taking them. He didn't trust us to handle his camera.

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