Monday, April 06, 2009

Letter of the Year

Every now and then we get an email through the website that really just makes our day. This particular little gem is a very well written piece of fan mail regarding one of our female models (pictured below). It made us laugh.

Dear Mr Vintage team,

As I trudge through the wintry mire of sleet and suet complexions in London each morning, I think of home - primarily sand, water and happiness. Yesterday, feeling particularly tubercular and grey, I opened an email from you and was particularly buoyed. Your 'Paul Henry' model was delightfully fresh. She exemplified the best of our country; a true product of the plunkett system, abundant dairy products and compulsory sport in schools. Thank you. Please pass on my best wishes and the offer of a night on the tiles should she be passing through.

Sarah. Causing quite the stir with her, ermm, Plunketty-ness.

1 comment:

Carl said...

I wont lie - I get the t-shirt emails every day and I always check out the design on Sarah rather than the guy.
She is quality and I would swap all my my vintage tees (past and future purchases) for a date with her.
Okay maybe I wouldn't swap all of them. Maybe none of them. Okay I lie I love my tees too much. Sorry Sarah.