Monday, April 06, 2009

Paul Henry's a fan!

So it turns out that Paul Henry is a fan of Mr Vintage! Which is neat, cos we're fans of his too. Mutual feelings are so great.

He said: "Social commentary on T-shirts is quite brilliant and it's a modern way of getting a message across. I went in and bought a few. I like them." Check out the entire article here. And he did come in to get some. I was too scared to talk to him though... I thought he might say something about my lack of facial hair or something.

1 comment:

Miss Lolly said...

I think Paul Henry is awesome.
I love the fact he is super Un-PC, considering how frigid we have become as a nation, where we are too afraid to say what we think in case we offend....

Don't go changing Mr Henry - Word!