Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hail to the Hail.

Last Thursday was a day like any other Thursday. Tension was high in the office and Joe was ‘Twittering’ away. Actually, it wasn’t really like any other Thursday, seeing as we knew we were going to the glorious Gold Coast the next day. In any case, we were strolling along as usual when we were greeted by an almighty wind and the pelting of what sounded like steel rain crashing against our door. Hail! The good Lord had sent us something to get excited about. And we did get very excited.

The desolation of being locked away in our bunker of an office was lifted, our hermit-like existence obliterated with every drop of hail. Ecstasy, elation and wonder! Because Rob was away, we all sensed an opportunity. After timidly peeking outside, we let our inhibitions run free – much like young lovers would when the parents are away. We frolicked outside amongst the hail, playfully throwing balls of hail at one another whilst screaming in a satisfied fashion. The joyous occasion was only dampened by the feeling of numbness in the hands and feet for those of us silly enough to brave the weather without adequate footwear.

Luckily Joe was on hand with his memory catcher to immortalise the time.
Needless to say he "twittered' about it too. Typical.

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