Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Wrap up

It’s almost May already. Crazy. Feels like Christmas was only last month... I’ve noticed that though, as you get older the years go by faster and faster. Depressing really. I can still remember when my biggest concern in life was facing up to the task of the dreaded Social Studies and long division. I still can’t carry out long division to this day. But then the only maths I do is calculating how much I can buy at the Hollywood bakery for $5. Zing.

I guess there’s a little bit of Peter Pan in all of us though, some more so than others. Sometimes when people ask me how old I am, I still reply 20 or 21, it makes me feel like I’ve still got time to achieve all my sporting and professional dreams. Side note: I’d play any sport professionally; Football & Tennis being the top choices due to their combination of money and celebrity (and yes, I will be one of THOSE Dads that pushes their Kids way too much and lives vicariously through their success regardless of their own desires). I wish I could go back to being 17 again to be honest. And it would be even better if I looked like Zac Efron. I’d have so much fun. Someone should really make a movie about that. That’s a creative storyline, with just the right mix of Hollywood accessibility and plausibility. Zac Efron is oh so hot right now.

Zac Efron living the dream - what a talent.

Anyway, seeing as we’re like a full-on fashion company nowadays, we’ve gone all seasonal on you. Let’s call it the ‘Winter 09 line/range/collection/anything that makes us sound more professional and fashionista’. It’s all the same crap in any case; we initially went down a fancier route, calling it the “Hoodie Week”. I think it was Rob who had the idea of doing hoodies in conjunction with Winter. Smart. Cos people get cold in winter, and it’s good to have clothing that keeps you warm. And hoodies do just that. So for all of you have been bombarding our enquiry section of the website with demands for more hooded apparel, you can now go outside safely with your new Mr Vintage hoodie – once you get your hoodies of course.

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