Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Onetangi Fish n Chips. Shit house.

On Saturday I went to Waiheke Island for the day. Waiheke’s a wonderful place when the sun is shining; the air crisp, the birds in-tune, the derelicts placid, the water cool and the fruit sweet.

I was understandably delighted to be spending the day there. As I hopped off the ferry, I had enough time to have a quick disagreement with my special lady friend – good enough that the walk to Onetangi was completely silent and really fast. We made great time, which I love.

Whilst there, we obviously required a delicious meal to satisfy the growing hunger. Fish n Chips made sense. So too did the Onetangi Fish n Chips shop. Much like the feeling you get waking up after a big night on the New Zealand Lager, I immediately regretted my decision.

The prices listed on their menu were a dead giveaway. So too was the sign that read, “Expect to wait a while”. I chuckled and thought (well, hoped really), what great branding – these folk seem really light hearted and funny. Minutes later while still waiting I started to think they weren’t just following the ‘under-promise, over deliver’ management tag line my uni lecturer Mr Barlow had drilled in to me in 1st year. They really were that shit.

One of the chefs then noticed us waiting patiently and called to the waitress to pop inside and serve us. Approaching in a flurry of hand drying, the tubby employee approached and looked at us expectantly, without saying a single word. As we ordered, her expression barely changed, her eye contact was non-existent and I watched as she scratched her crotch for an extended period of time. As a reflex I diverted my eyes elsewhere where I stumbled across more of their tasteful branding – a sign that read, “be nice or leave”. This time I let out a cheeky little lol.

Upon receiving our food, we were astonished to find that our ‘scoop’ of chips was closer to a child’s handful, the spicy calamari consisted of two tubes, and the hot-dog on a stick was actually on a stick and not a tooth-pick.

Next time you go to Waiheke, take a picnic, unless you want to be served fish and chips by Lucifer.

If you want real Fish n Chips go to ‘Bonzo Burgers Bar’ on Mt Eden Rd. Bonzo is a great guy.

Mr Bonzo will give you a generous scoop of chips that for damn-tooting.


anknel and burblets said...

bonzo burgers is great!

Anonymous said...

Really? Bonzo burgers freaks me out coz there is a dog in their logo.

Jay said...

korean dog is delish.

guilt free dog. yum, yum, yum.

Kelz, Kellog, Pablo said...

Can't say i have tried the Onetangi Fish n chips and now never will -but there are tones of better T/A places - next time try Ostend and grab a six pack and take it with you to Onetangi! Just don't forget a bottle opener

Anonymous said...

Bonzo is the bollix! Wish I was still in Auckland for some Bonzo goodness. Quality AND quantity.