Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Oma Rapeti debacle

So yesterday we began the new daily t-shirt special for February. It doesn’t have a name yet, and it’s quite annoying constantly referring to a promotion with no name. Someone should really think of a neat little alliteration we could chuck in there. Anyway, it had an ill-fated beginning. Here’s how it went down.

Yesterday morning we were all set to go live with an ‘Uma Rapiti’ t-shirt…. You know, the old song you probably sung at primary school. So we had the design all ready to go; tees ordered, model shots done, tee on the website and everything…

Then we realised that we spelt Uma wrong. It’s spelt Oma... And then we realised Rapiti was spelt wrong, it’s Rapeti. Fail. So, the design went through about 8 of us, and none of us had any idea we had spelt it wrong. In hindsight we should have thought to check the spelling. Next time eh.

We’ve got a whole run of the tees, and they look cool. It’s just that they’re spelt wrong.

Where do we go from here? We want you to decide.

Do we:
a. Sell the tees at the super-sweet price of $9.95?
b. Give the tees away to friends and family for free?
c. Give the tees to the Salvation Army?

d. Line Joes dogs kennel with them?

Post some comments. Do it.


Cytrix said...

Am I the first to reply? Honestly?

Alright you need an answer E: Give one to me! Even with the misspelling, these are THE most o-for-awesome shirts ever.

odyssey76 said...

Wow what a pity the tees look great! How about adding another line in there like 'oops we stuffed this one' and still sell it?? Either way I think they'll sell if you put your story with it. Also send tees to those who leave comments:)

Rebecca said...

Give one to me and Mark Ellis because he is always seen on tv with Mr vintage t's. He will def make it look cool and then everyone will wnat to buy one. Try it

eats,shoots&leaves_nerd said...

Not to be mean, but there's another live t-shirt on your site that needs fixing too. "Pakeha's know how to party"

Now what is that apostrophe doing there? Is there only 1 pakeha who possesively owns something in this sentence? Or is it a contraction of 'Pakeha is'...I don't think so. Sorry to be the grammar nerd, but it should read:

"Pakehas know how to party"

This talks about pakehas as a collective group (plural).

I LOVE your site and your tees and these mistakes can happen to anyone - I just wish I didn't see people out wearing this shirt and I got the desire to grab my red vivd and do some alterations.

Okay - gripe over.

MrVintage said...

@ eats,shoots&leaves_nerd
If you'd looked on the product image you'd have seen that the print no longer has the apostrophe in there. It was just on the thumbnail.

I think it used to be on the print. That was before people started working here that were in to spelling and stuff. I'm not that in to it, but some people are.

Super Maori Fella said...

You guys really need a Maori to work with you!!

Employ a Hori!

THe other Design mentioned should also be Pakeha, not Pakeha's

As in "Pakeha know how to Party"

Nice work with the designs tho, just get them checked next time before printing!!

Anonymous said...

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