Friday, February 13, 2009

Sorry about the late reply

Sorry about the lack of blogs over recent days/weeks. It’s just that I’ve been busy, and my time management is very poor. I’m sure you all survived. Just thinking what’s new….. Not much to be honest, but I’ll try my best to pour out my inner-most thoughts for you folk.

Work has really been turned upside down by the fact that our ‘Coffee Guy’ Lady, the beautiful and lovely Brazilian Carolina, left. Carolina has been bringing us our morning coffees for some time now, well over a year I imagine. And now we have this new lady, and her quality is questionable. Yesterday I asked for an English Breakfast tea. What I received was more like a hot glass of milk. Now, I asked for milk, but just a little bit. I was distraught. It remains to be seen whether I, or for that matter anyone from work, will ever trust her with the responsibility of our morning beverage. Change sucks. Sometimes.

Chris Brown beat Rihanna. We’ve all heard about it. It’s crazy. What a dick. Don't beat Rihanna. I’ve always though he was a dick anyway. With his stupid dance moves, girly voice and the pathetic whispy hairs that hang from his chin. Joe’s the only one at work that likes his music, but then again, maybe Joe’s the only one listening to the 13 yr old girl inside him. That’s probably it.

What's the bet Rihanna milks it though and makes a No.1 heart felt song about heart-break and being abused. Fair enough I guess though.

We’ve been hitting a few movies as well. Slumdog Millionaire, MILK, and The Wrestler. Slumdog was quality. Rob gave me heaps of crap cos I went to Milk with two of my mates and we all enjoyed a tasty Red Wine. Oooh, Rob, you’re such a real man with your girlfriend and your Corona. Meh.


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