Thursday, February 26, 2009

Joe's Fashion Report

Joe here.
I do the designing here at Mr Vintage. I’ve been drafted in to do some fashion consulting. I’ll keep it to the point though. This Autumn is soooo all about the alterations. Alterations. alterations. alterations. I can’t stress that enough people. And layers, colourful layers, and please people accessorise. I like what M.I.A has done in the below picture. She’s used her colours well, and that chocolate skin is positively glowing in the club. Well done.
If you need any fashion advice, tips, or just a shopping friend - Don't be afraid to reach out cos I soooo need a shopping bud....BFFs anyone?!?!?! EMAL ME! Oh, and add me on facebook! And read about me too!
Chat soon darlings!

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