Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Rob!

Rob celebrated his birthday the other day…. I think he turned like 28 or something. The specific age isn’t really all that important though eh, once you’re over 25 you’re just another year closer to being an old man cracking out the crappy puns to the grandkids. No offence though Rob. I love how you can say the meanest things, and providing you say ‘no offence’ get away with it scotch free. I take advantage of the rule all the time. And I do actually love the crappy old puns – Word play is a dying art.

We didn't try the Tapas in fear of them being crap.

So we went down to this fancy bar by Victoria Park Market called La Zeppa, I believe it’s origins are Middle eastern, I may be wrong however. It’s a pretty sweet place, apparently the tapas’ there are mint - we didn’t sample unfortunately. What I can confirm is that, if you’re a 20-30 yr old corporate with a snazzy collared shirt and some lady friends with pretty dresses, you’ll fit right in there like a glove. No offence though all you corporate 20-30 somethings, you’re deserving of such a flaccid atmosphere :)

Speaking of using the old :) symbol, you’ve all used the smiley face symbol before I’m sure. Well, I’m not too sure where I stand on it – it seems to be a handy tool to use in certain circumstances (like say when you’re txting your special lady friend and you wish to express a certain cheeky mood) or as in the case above. What I actually did with my initial :) was show that my use of the ‘no offence’ get-out clause was tongue-in-cheek. Or was it?

Anyway, at La Zeppa we had a few beers and just chewed the fat in general. like dudes normally do. Old Rob had invited a few of his friends down, and let me tell you something about Robs friends. They are a rowdy bunch of chaps. They’ve even got their own gang – called the ‘All Drunks’. Check it out here.

So there were a few of the ‘All Drunks’ down at La Zeppa, and after the stories I’d been told, I was expecting some fireworks. Fireworks of the illegal variety, like banned sky rockets. It was Friday night after all, and they were the All Drunks after all. Their performance was lacklustre however.

The All Drunks: Not drunk all the time, as it turns out.

No shenanigans, no tom-foolery, no drama, no altercations, no funnels. If they were a sports team, like say, the All Blacks maybe – I wouldn’t get up at 4am to watch them play South Africa. ‘The All Drunks: All Drunk, All the Time’. Yeah, except Friday nights whilst celebrating a fellow member’s birthday at a bar that sells alcohol. Pick your game up lads; you’ve got a reputation to live up to. You’re role models now. You must be drunk.

I think that’s enough from me ;)

p.s. If this sounds like some kind of celebrity roasting of Rob and his friends, it’s probably because Rob was saying nasty things to me like, “You like that band the offspring” and “You’re a curry muncher”.

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