Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Action Time

Well the Freakin weekend is over, and after having substantial amounts of fun, we're back to work! Rob attended popular youth event 'SummerDays' (I'm not really sure if it has some zaney spelling that youths use, it probably includes some Z's or something hip like that). He said it was a cracker, but he's certainly showing the after-effects today. As for me (jay), I went to work on building my Hip-Hop image and attitude by attending the show of a highly regarded rapper 'Atmosphere'. Now, not being rascist, but I expected a Brown African-American man (not sure of the slang word for that) to be rapping infront of me. Instead I was greeted by a white man with blonde hair and a blonde beard. He was good. But it was a surprise. They were the most exciting parts from the weekend anyway.
Tomorrow we're heading out to Manukau to have our annual Strategic Planning meeting. It's always a pretty exciting time; we talk about what we want to do over the next year, and do a few brainstorms that have words with clouds around them and stuff. This time we're having the meeting out in Manukau at the Pacific Centre (it's that thing that looks like an upside down waka). We get to have lunch there. Sweet.

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