Friday, January 09, 2009

The Life and Times of Robert Ewan

On one of the most beautiful days of the year (I love using that gag in the early stages of the year..... it's a cracker), Rob has fallen ill with a touch of the dreaded hay-fever! He's tried some stuff called 'Telfast', and has said that it has had no effect thus far and is a fairly rubbish product.

One product he does swear by though is a handy little cleaning agent by the name of Shower Witch (check it out here). Rob won't have a bad word said about it. If you've never heard of it, 'Shower Witch' is a magic cleaning agent, part of the 'Wet & Forget' stable. Rob's done some calculations, and he reckons this handy little product will save you about 16 hours a year. Once you've finished your shower, just spray down your shower with 'Shower Witch' and walk away. Leave the sucker to brew over the next 24 hours, and when you return, simply spray down the shower and you're done. He won't shut up about it.

Rob's also one of those guys who sets a lot of goals for himself when the new year is upon him (usually involving numerous Excel spreadsheets). This year he's decided to; buy a house, not drink so much Coke, get a pet Cat that can sit on his shoulder, and do a marathon in July.... In San-Francisco! And true to form, he's already drawn up an extensive weekly training regime on Excel.... complete with how long he'll run, rest days, and what colour undies he'll be wearing that day. Rob's cool.
But seriously, if you've got any sweet tips on training for a marathon, chuck us a line and Rob will get amongst it for sure. Alternatively, if you know where Rob can get that cat that will sit on his shoulder (even whilst walking), let us know and he'll also get amongst that.

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