Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Day Out

Summer really is the sweetest time of the year, it's all sunny and you can go to the beach and stuff. It's been so nice that Rob went camping this weekend. He played Vortex on the beach too. Jay and Joe went to the Big Day Out on Friday, which was awesome. Our favourite act was Lupe Fiasco who was amazing. I was torn between Lupe and TV on the Radio, but a decision had to be made, and I'm pretty sure it was the right one. Niel Young was alright, but he was certainly no Lupe. The boy is good.

On the work front, we're doing a lot of planning at the moment. We want to make sure we can offer you some sweet deals this year, so we're working on a few things at the moment that should keep you lot happy. Joe's busy designing a whole bunch of tees, and this year is really shaping up to be a nice one.

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