Monday, May 03, 2010 - Best coffee in town

Kokako are local. Kokako are organic. Kokako are fair trade.

We like Kokako heaps. It’s all we’re drinking. And it smells really glorious.

A big thanks to Mike at Kokako who hooked us up with this delicious Fair Trade Organic Coffee… The dude is a real master of his craft, and if you want the most un-tainted and pure coffee in Auckland, Kokako is the only place to go. They’re literally Auckland’s only dedicated Fair Trade Coffee Roaster. Fresh.

They’ve got a wicked little café in Parnell too (492 Parnell road – just by the Mobil near the top), and if you’re the type that’s really picky about your coffee - this is definitely the place to go and enjoy a quiet cup.

And check out Kokako they’re switched on as.


Anonymous said...

Fair trade.. not free trade?

Andrea said...

Their hot chocolate is also awesome.