Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Staff Member Mel - She's a girl

Kia Ora!

My name is Melanie, and I am the new intern at Mr Vintage. I have barely been here an hour, but I have already been asked to refer to Rob as either ‘Prince Charming’ or ‘PC Ewan’ (thanks to the Parnell Darling). The crew has asked me to write a wee bio about myself, so here’s a few little facts about me…

My favourite colour is sea green, although this changes almost on a monthly basis
I am a chronic sleep talker (no kidding, you can have a conversation with me and I won’t remember it in the morning..)
I am addicted to snowboarding
I hang out with a Guinea Pig called Comet when I am hungover
I am very gullible
I love road trips
If you mess with my ice cream, prepare to pay the consequences..

Other than that, I am excited to start the job here at Mr Vintage!!

Chow for now

Mel xx

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