Thursday, March 26, 2009

I watched NZ’s Next Top Model. Just as I thought.

I liked how they’ve managed to get two pretty-ish sisters and pit them against each other though – bringing to the fore all the pent up angst and insecurity they’ve held inside for years. I can just see how it would’ve played out at the team meeting....


Producer: They’re sisters? (Light-bulb!) I know. Let’s get them both on the show. Let me just run through my 5-point checklist.
1. Rift – Check.
2. Drama – Check.
3. Mildly interesting – Check.
4. Lack of any other ideas – Check.
5. Enough to keep my job and hang on for another series – I hope so. I seriously hope so.

Good work team. Now to find;

Someone ethnic to bring up the race card
Someone with an illness, maybe depression or an addiction – no, someone with both!
Someone with a child who wants to go home soon. Actually, get a few - they’ll bond and form a click - genius.
And can we please find someone that has more than an ounce of fat so we can make her feel bad about it?!

I think once we’ve got that we should be good to go. Who’d have thought? The whole show planned in one meeting. Reality TV has totally saved my job.

Rubbish. And I’m not even a very cynical person.

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Rhiannon said...

Waaah!! I miss Tyra and the Jays!

Yup, NZ's Next Top Model sucks donkey balls. It lacks the professionalism and the entertainment value of ANTM.