Thursday, March 05, 2009

See. We do like South Auckland.

This little blog is just to show that we're not all silly buggers around here. Pretending to be other staff members writing fashion blogs and other crazy things like that are only some of the things we get up to here...

Rob said it was akward holding the handshake for so long.

Here's a picture of Rob - or 'Prince Charming' as the Parnell Darling Magazine have dubbed him - with Daniel Newman of the Manurewa City Council. That little piece of paper that's he's handing Dan is actually a cheque for $559.13 in cold hard cash (well...cheque form, but I wanted to say cold hard cash).

The money will go to the Randwick Park School so they can do some good stuff with it. If I was one of the students I'd be hoping for a fair to be held at the school so I could play coconut shy. I love that game.

Cheers, Jay.

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Anonymous said...

I saw that dude on the cover of the Parnell Darling magazine Prince Charming!