Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Model Comp coming very soon....

Last year we ran the first ‘Mr Vintage Next Top Model’ Competition. Or was it the year before?… well it doesn’t really matter; I definitely remember doing it at some point. All these pretty ladies sent in their photos and we got to look at them and choose our favourite 20. Some boys sent in their photos too, but at the time we had only male staff members and we got frightened and deleted those ones.

After putting the Top 20 on the website, we got you lot to vote on them. It turns out that over 1,600 people cared enough to select their favourite woman. Dudes will sign up for anything if it means they get to have a look at beautiful ladies, especially when the thumbnails are just teasing facial images and a further click reveals a body shot. Internet high-five!

So this lovely lady named Kerryn (pictured) won. We gave her a whole pile of t-shirts in return for her friendship (and some photos of her in t-shirts to put on the website). She’s since gone on to bigger and better things however – all due to her winning the Mr Vintage comp of course – and the other day I even saw her on a bus. In an ad, not just sitting in the bus.

It could be you. If you're that way inclined of course.

More to follow...

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