Friday, March 20, 2009

The dust has now settled.

So the fanfare around the Bain tees has started to ease, but not before every person with an opinion shared their thoughts on it. The majority was positive feedback from people who saw the light-hearted funny side. We had others who swore they would do their best to bring us down. One person even called us imbeciles. That’s not nice at all – maybe it’s her that should be locked up. One lady went a step further and worded her entire spiel using witty sarcasm. That one confused us all and we weren’t sure if we were receiving praise or criticism. We’re simple folk here at Mr Vintage.

But the press really got hold of the story and ran with it, to the point that Rob was interviewed for a piece on TV3. Celebrity much? One week it’s the cover of the Parnell Darling, next it’s TV.... We’ve even been featured in at least five Australian news websites (blah, blah, blah). That’s a different country yo! Neat-o gang!

I guess just to re-cap, we’re pretty happy with how we might look after this incident, and – contrary to what a few people think – we’re confident that the majority of people weren’t offended by what were pretty harmless t-shirts. If we’ve lost a few customers or supporters, that sucks, but that's life and hopefully they can find it in their hearts to forgive us for our sins.

Moving forward, we’ve got some really wicked designs coming up, and if you’ve managed to stick by us through this whole saga you won’t be disappointed. I promise - they'll definitely be better than the Chicken and Avocado sandwich I had for lunch. There was barely any avocado in it. There'll be heaps of avocado in our t-shirts.

I love you. Kind regards, Jay.

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