Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Year's

At this party the other day I had the pleasure of unwittingly taking in a group of teenagers discussing their New Years plans. What are you doing for new years. Where are you going new years. Yeah I totally wanted to go there. Oh my gosh Hannah is going there and she’s such a bitch so I’m totally not going there. Yeah New Years. New Years. New Years.

So here’s what we’re doing for New Years. Totally.

Rob: Attending a Dance Party called ‘Lowlife’ at Matakana, or ‘Mata-Chaos’ as him and his teenage friends call it.
Andy: Unconfirmed. Probably wherever ‘The Feelers’ are playing.
Jay: Somewhere up north, on account of owning half of it.
Joe: Gisborne, and yes. He will be signing autographs and hosting story telling sessions about the ‘big smoke’.
Andrea: Following in the footsteps of big brother Rob. Matakana. Lay off the drugs.
Hayden: Australia. In a ditch using a bottle of vodka for a pillow. Joined by a lady in a cocktail dress of course.
Melanie: Coromandel Gold with her FiancĂ© Steve. She plans on using the time to do some “wedding planning”.
Phil: "Probably just camping somewhere". Hippie.
Francesca: Just to old New York for her.
Mat: Somewhere wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt and sporting a fake tan.
Sarah: I have no idea what kids like her do these days.

I chose this picture because it just screams 'New Year's'.

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Anonymous said...

tell hayden i'll meet him in aussie. look for the girl in the cocktail dress in a ditch.

Jenny. XX