Thursday, December 17, 2009

302B Great North Rd

I’m super shit at Christmas. Like shopping and stuff I mean. Actually I’m pretty useless at Christmas Day come to think of it – the last two years I’ve had to take a little break during family Christmas and nip off to bed and take a mini sleep.

Traditionally it’s taken a frantic blast of late night shopping. Late night Christmas mall shopping is the worst: rushed, stressed, and congested traffic. I’m not coping well - flustered, sweaty, hungry, shop assistants are asking me if I need help – which I do, but clearly not the type of help they can give me.

Spread the Christmas Love.

There's the goodie sacks.

I don’t want you to experience what I experienced... So we’re going to make your Christmas Shopping even easier by keeping the store open till 9pm tonight, and make it even cooler by giving away some gear. TONIGHT ONLY - come in to the showroom after 7pm and the first three customers who ask “CAN I HAVE SACK?” will get a SANTA SACK of all sorts of goodies for your troubles.

There's my face.

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