Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Party Predictions

So we’ve got our Christmas party today. And there’s only one thing I love more than Christmas Parties, and that’s Weddings. Nohomo - I just love whipping off the tie and putting it around my head for the dance portion of the evening.

In 2007 we went to the Mexican café and got drunk and then did some Karaoke, which was a blast. Last year we got drunk and then went to Spookers, which again was a blast.

So this year we’re doing an Amazing Race type deal where we cavort around the CBD looking for clues and stuff like that. Which we will be doing drunk. There are three teams, and the razzing has already begun. A healthy rivalry is developing, so I thought I’d take a closer look at the teams and their credentials.


Members: Hayden, Mat, Jay, and Jarred
Captain: Jay
Strengths: Underdogs for obvious reasons; their understated preparation means they’re a team not to be ignored, partly because there are only two other teams.
Weakness: A penchant for getting hammered drunk could see this team spending a large portion of this competition up a tree with a 12 box each playing ‘possum’. A realistic outcome.
Media Tag: Party boys with no fear and nothing to lose, except their police diversions.
Prediction: Unlikely victors, they’re quick on their feet and are unlikely to be phased by pressure or time restrictions. 3rd


Members: Joe, Andy, Rob, Andrea
Captain: Joe
Strengths: Several ‘Captain of Industry’ types; there’s certainly a competitive streak in Team B.
Weaknesses: Arrogance, in which they possess an abundant amount. Andy’s reluctance to break a sweat, resulting in muscle loss. And the big question; can Andrea step out of big bro Robs shadow and make a contribution.
Media Tag: Pompous men unafraid of using underhand tactics. They talk a lot but it remains to be seen if it’s all bullshit.
Prediction: The tactical nous of Andy, the silent leadership style of Joe and the can-do attitude of Rob should see them competing for a top three spot. 2nd


Members: Francesca, Sarah, Mel, Phil
Captain: Mel
Strengths: With a particularly female presence, this team undoubtedly has drive and organisation the other teams lack. They’ve copped a lot of pre-party criticism – motivation. In Mel they have a competent leader.
Weaknesses: With Phil being the only guy, there is already a click developing. Key will be gelling and using all the attributes of each member. Three girls and very little physical strength may count against them.
Media Tag: Power Puff Girls. And Phil.
Prediction: They’re not expected to perform, but their heart, determination and systemisation could see them take this out. 1st

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