Thursday, November 26, 2009

Toys for Tees.

FACEBOOK. Some think it’s just a useless tool only good for looking at people’s photos and having a moan about work. Not us. well not entirely. we do look at photos. big time. But the main reason we get amongst it at work is to interact with our customers.

And the other day we asked our fan base to decide how we could giveaway our My Little Pony toys that we’d been given to use as giveaways. Sonya came up with this great idea of giving them to the Auckland City Mission. She got an onion soup for her troubles.

So. We’re giving the City Mission a whole box of t-shirts, as well as the My Little Pony toys. Which makes us feel good. AND…

It got us thinking. We should do more for the City Mission. They’re good people and they help kids who don’t get awesome toys for Christmas. So. Over the next week we want you guys to come in and give us your old toys. Here’s how it’ll go down.
  • Dig up your old toys that are still in that old box.
  • Think about how stoked the little kids that get them will be.
  • Have one last little emotional playtime with them.
  • Come in to the Mr Vintage shop (directions here)
  • Give us your toys (not too old just vintage cool).
  • Chose whatever t-shirt you want.
  • It’s yours for only $20.
  • Go home and feel good about yourself.
  • Put your new t-shirt on and look good while you’re feeling good.
We’ll be offering this discount for 1 week only, so you’ve only got the week of 30th Nov – 4th of Dec to get amongst it. SO GET AMONGST IT.


Anonymous said...

Good work Mr V.

I have to say, I'm continually impressed by your charity work and donations. It's really awesome to see a company that cares AND does something about it - on a regular basis I might add.

Keep it up.

Sarah B.

Anonymous said...


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