Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Old Hammer Hands

Hayden 'Hammer Hands' Bentley

This is Hayden. He works at Mr Vintage. This coming Saturday is the biggest day of his life. Hayden’s been doing boxing training over the past 12 weeks and this weekend all his hard work, sweat, black eyes, and lack of partying culminates in a fight to the death. We support team Hayden.

Boxing has been the ideal outlet for Hayden. It’s crazy. You meet this little man and you couldn’t meet a nicer dude. He’s relatively polite, well-mannered, friendly, and a bit of a laugh. Give him like 12 beers and he turns in to some kind of aggressive fighting machine. Ask anyone in town.

Oh yeah. we have a little wager on this one. If he loses his fight, Rob will draw a picture of a diddle that Hayden has to kiss. It's all on the line here.

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