Monday, September 07, 2009

Clean Up

On Friday we got amongst ‘The Great New Zealand Spring Clean’ to help out our brothers over at Keep New Zealand Beautiful – and to help preserve our fine country as well I guess.

I actually didn’t get to end up going because I’m such a workhorse I just couldn’t bear to be away from my work on a Friday afternoon. (aka. My people were slaves for thousands of years, ain't no way you're getting a Brother out there). But the rest of the dudes went down to mission bay to pick up some rubbish and said they felt all warm and fuzzy inside. No homo.

Andy put a little nail on the end of his stick so he didn’t have to bend over to pick stuff up. Apparently he wanted to use as little energy as he could, so his muscles didn’t get smaller.

Check out a few of the snaps Joe took.

Horatio. CSI. Yeee Booiii.

Andy using his stick.

Sleazy Hayden. Don't trust his seedy eyes.

Mel was the real thrust behind 'Clean up week'. Here she's shown picking up a shell she thought was rubbish. Bless.

Andy. He's 27 years old.

Hayden's rats tail. Ruby League!

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