Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cheers dudes.

Following yesterdays tiff with those dudes in Australia, we’re totally stoked with the support we’ve recieved from our loyal followers. You guys are wicked awesome. Facebook comments, blog entries, Tweets, and emails flowed in. Sadly no facsimile this time however.

Anyway, I chucked a few up on the site for you to check out. Get in to it; it’s a good laugh. With regards to how we’ll proceed, we’re pretty happy to put this all behind us to be honest – they’ve taken up enough of our time. But it was fun.

I know they maintain, “there is nothing that could be considered plagiarism on the site”, and I could spend more time making screen shots of the text that I wrote on their website, but there’s no point. I’m done checking their website, I suggest you do the same.


Richard said...

Has TV3 put up the video somewhere? Can we watch the interview from o'seas?

Andy said...

Unbelievable. Firstly they say that they intentionally ripped off the Mr Vintage website to create publicity for both companies, then go on to say later in the same blog that they maintain nothing was plagiarised.

Their website sucks. They may have ripped you guys off, but you have nothing to worry about as the generally bad grammar and spelling on their site makes it distinct and inferior to yours. The low quality images, unattractive models, crappy product and nonchalant attitude towards the matter further expose them as unprofessional and in over their heads with regard to the infringement of your copyright.

Forget them. Besides, "Klub Retro (In Liquidation)" has a certain ring to it that I like.

Anonymous said...

Hey what can you do when your are a world leader you will always have lower class gimps trying to be like you its what you get for being great and number one.