Thursday, August 20, 2009

PC Load Letter

Andy’s had a lot of trouble with his printer for a while now, and been it’s a cause of great frustration for our Muscley Oompa Loompa trainer. It always seems to have a ‘Paper-Jam’, even when there’s clearly no paper jammed in the little bugger. Earlier this year Andrew was luckily rewarded for his years of hard work and service with a brand new printer… and that meant only one thing, we had to destroy that evil machine with our bare hands (and a hammer).

Office Space: Great movie, and they really inspired us to beat the shit out of our asshole printer.

It was quite an emotional time, and in the end it really did feel like the scene from Office Space when Peter, Samir and Michael release their frustration on their ‘PC Load-Letter’ printer. If you haven’t seen it, Office Space is a fantastic movie and that scene’s a standout. We didn’t go to an isolated field though; we just went out on to Falcon Street outside our office and got to the job at hand. After the second throw to the heavens, we all ran inside like we had just broken the neighbors window playing cricket on the street. Man it feels good to be a gangster.

This is why Andy is better than us. He goes to the gym.

Impressive toss from Andy first up.

We were quite surprised it came out relatively unscathed after the fall.

It was obviously clear another attempt was necessary. So up she went for a second time.

That's more like it, the glass shattering was rather loud this time.

Andy proceeded to vent years of pent up frustration on the poor printer using his friend, the hammer.

Andy proudly holds aloft the battered carcass of his defeated opponent. Kinda like Conan the barbarian, except smiley.

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Vegrandis said...

God I love that movie. What fun.