Monday, August 31, 2009

Loud t-shirt Week

This week we’re doing a ‘Loud t-shirt week’ in aid of ‘Loud Shirt Day’ on the 18th of September. The Loud shirt day is an annual appeal of The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Paediatric Programme - two charities who are dedicated to enabling deaf children with a cochlear implant to listen and speak like their hearing peers.

I hadn’t really thought about the charity too much until we started working with them, and since then I’ve seen a news piece on the life of one of these children who was supported by this surgery and the story was compelling to say the least. What these guys do is really awesome, and it’s a more than worthy cause that we’re stoked to be helping out.

As I’ve said, it’s an awesome cause, and over the next week we’ll be running a new ‘loud shirt’ inspired t-shirt, with 15% of each sale going towards the Loud Shirt Day appeal. So keep an eye out and your credit (or debit) card handy over this next week – we’ve got some wicked designs in store for you.

Make sure you get yours in time for Loud Shirt Day on the 18th... and ensure you're not only the loudest, but also the coolest at your workplace.

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