Tuesday, June 30, 2009

some bastards stole our shit.

This morning I pulled in to work and noticed Rob was outside on the phone. As I smiled gleefully, I observed that he was deep in conversation and had a facial expression resembling a frown. I thought to myself that this may have been because he got a little too steamed at Mardi Gras over the weekend and he still had an upset stomach. Turns out it wasn’t.

We got ROBBED. It seems some people don’t care too much for paying for their computers, so they stole our 3 Macs as well as the till. At least they were smart enough to know that’s where the money’s kept. They weren’t smart enough to steal the mouse and the keyboard of one of the computers though! Mwah ha ha ha. We had the last laugh as it turns out.

Maybe it was the Hamburgler. Look at his cheecky little grin.

But seriously, it really sucks that they took the computers. We lost about a months’ worth of designs, and Joe works real hard on those designs, so it’s not very nice for Joe. And then we have to fill out a bunch of these insurance forms and stuff, which sucks – no one likes filling out forms.

We had to sit around for a while and wait for the cops to come and check out the crime scene for fingerprints and whatnot. When they did arrive, I was a tad dissapointed to say the least. I was expecting a CSI-like team to stroll in and take control of the situation. You know, a Gil Grissom or maybe a sunglass-clad Horacio popping in with his stylish suit and sharp brain. Instead we got a couple of balding, middle aged burly men in some kind of blue police jumpsuits. They came in, dusted down a few things, asked a few questions, jotted a few things down in their note pads and left. We probably won’t hear from them again.

Because we lost a whole lot of our designs we’ll have to cancel the ‘t-shirt of the day’ specials for the rest of this week, so you can blame those cowardly thieves for that one. We also had a pretty sweet promotion planned for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week that we’ll have to delay.

So here’s the deal, we’re so scared about more of our stuff being stolen that we’re going to give a whole bunch of it away – so no-one will ever break in to our store again. Next week we’re going to give away over 150 prizes, and one MASSIVE amazingly awesome prize. Not even typing massive in capitals does it justice. So stay tuned to the Mr Vintage blog, our Facebook page, or our Twitter account for more details.

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phoebe said...

Holy balls. This sucks guys. Some people aren't really people, they're animals. And not cute animals. They're dumb animals, like sewer rats or really angry lions that aren't cool, and lions are normally cool.
The worst part is that weird feeling of knowing someones been rummaging through your stuff. Bastards.
Don't let it get you down too much! We still love mr vintage. A lot.