Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scary Washing Machine

So by now you all well and truly know about the whole ‘Scary Washing Machine’ thing. Who’d have thought a dude could create such hype by selling a humble washing machine? Not complaining though, it’s kept a lot of people entertained throughout the last week or so. And it’s kept us all well busy at work.

It was pretty easy to sort out really; once we had figured out that we actually knew the guy who started it all (Mike), we got on to it pretty quickly and made the tees. But full credit to Mike, he’ll end up giving a crap-load of money to a variety of charities through auctioning off his dinosaur illustrations and our t-shirts. That’s probably the coolest thing; he could’ve easily pocketed a whole lot of money from this – but he’s decided to donate proceeds to charities. What a guy. Pity he’s married.

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