Thursday, June 25, 2009

Detention Worthy?

1. Firstly, I have great respect for any kid who has the gumption to stand up in front of his peers, rip open his shirt and declare that he is Superman.
2. The fact that he had the Superman t-shirt under his school shirt tells me the act was pre-planned. That means he woke up on the morning of 31st of May, 2006 and decided he was going to reveal his true identity to his class mates. That means he’s awesome.
3. There should never have been any ‘character points’ deducted for this announcement. Truth be told, he should have been awarded an extra 20 ‘character points’ for such a bold statement of awesomeness.
4. I hope he got some seriously hot lady friends after this. If there wasn’t a line of girls waiting to kiss him and become his Lois Lane, the Girls at his school are useless.

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