Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whakapapa your Mum did.

On Friday the majority of us went to the big day out. Good things too, cos apparently we angered the Maori Language Commission people over the 'Whakapapa – you Mum did' t-shirt. Joe designed it, and he’s Maori.

Haydens Nips - causing quite the stir.

But seriously, it’s just a cheeky little pun and everyone loves a good pun. Before we released it we asked everyone on facebook about the design, and the feedback was well positive – and to be fair we’ve only received two complaints since the story was covered.

It's Cool To KĊrero. Oh yeah, and we asked our fans on facebook if they found the t-shirt offensive and this one lady hit us with this. I found it funny. what a crazy chick - I reckon she'd be no fun to hang out with.

Q: Hey guys. Do you think our Whakapapa tee is culturally insensitive?

A: No. I believe your gross commitment to Colonizing bastardization of Indigenous Language and Cultural heritage is though. As a Kuia and a Mother of Kohanga reo and Kura Kaupapa Maori tamariki I find your embicilic self serving racist ignorance enhancing passive aggressive Ostrich with butt in the air theft, rape, pillage and plunder approach ...all too sad and predictable for European exiles.

You are a credit to Colonial Schooling not only failed the Indigenous peoples it succeeded in transmitting massified ignorance of which YOU are a classic example Mr V.

Your willingness to slam anyone who challenges your right to steal, pillage and plunder Indigenous Intellectual and Cultural property while you trivialize, hypersexualize and shaft it's Sacred lineage perfectly sums you up. YOU do not own this language. YOU do not walk in respect with this culture. YOU are an outsider making insider claims for which YOU do not have any Tribalz permission. YOU are a classic Colonizing racist ignoramus not pull the ...oh I'm just kidding and its only a bit a fun rubbish here ...I have to raise children in the aftermath of your stupidity for the cheap and nasty thrill of your cash register ego arrogance. YOU do not simply impact a language ...YOU impact a whole Web of Existence for which YOU take no responsibility.

I also have European Ancestors. So don't pull that bull on me that this is acceptable to all Europeans either. It is irresponsible, blatantly commercial gangsta prostitution of Indigenous Peoples heritage ...for a buck. Well done to your Christopher Columbus curse.

Anyway, check out some of the articles if you want to.

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newstalkZB even got amongst it.

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