Monday, January 25, 2010

International Week

Being from New Zealand is cool. But it’s cool being from other countries too. And seeing as though it’s errr, International ‘International Week’ (we've invented this event), we thought it’d be a whiz-bang idea to do some internationally inspired t-shirts.

You should have seen Joes face when we told him to design some non-Kiwiana t-shirts – confusion clouded his squinty little eyes and he seemed utterly bemused but decided to have a crack – the first draft he eventually came back with was a NZ map. “no no Joe, non NZ themed t-shirts” we said. So we gave him a few ideas, and we’re pretty happy with what we’ve come up with.

Oh, and a big thanks to Robs mates, who call themselves the 'All Drunks' - they actually came up with the concept and a few of the ideas for International Week. No doubt they were chopping back a few beers, as they do, while inspiration struck. Cheers boys.

We're starting today, so drink it in.

Here's our first effort. China. It Woks.