Monday, January 11, 2010

We're back.

So we’re all back from holiday, some of us last week – but we’re almost back

Rob: Was in Matakana with his mates. At 28 I think his Dance Party days are dying down; his focus instead shifting to other areas like marriage and kids.

Andy: Partied in Hahei with a whole bunch of his friends over New Years, the remainder was spent playing playstation, at the gym, eating, and sleeping.

Jay: I spent a large amount of time tanning my thighs. They’re pretty black now – though they could be blacker. Also became a vegetarian.

Joe: Went to Gisborne and tried to impress his old school mates by doing some extreme Water Sports. Broke his arm skim boarding in a move that failed to earn him any additional ‘street-cred’.

Andrea: Went to Matakana and managed to avoid her brother Rob the entire time. Mean.

Hayden: Went to Australia where I’m presuming he got really drunk and did stupid things. Highlight: being given the ‘rubber-glove’ treatment by a cop, on account of the person next to him tripping balls.

Melanie: Played some drinking games at ‘Coro Gold’ involving a hammer, a sock, flames, a buffalo (stuffed for safety reasons), a 9-iron, and some ice cubes.

Phil: Just hung out, had a few curries and rode his scooter about the place. Printed a few t-shirts too.

Francesca: Went to New York and returned with a whole bunch of goodies for everyone – which was awesome. Jalapeno & Ranch Pringles. The best crisp you’ve ever eaten. Easily.

Mat: He’s not really here anymore, and I don’t really know what he did.

Sarah: Travelled around the globe missing Hayden.

And we’ve pretty much all seen/are going to see 3D Avatar.

Oh, and have a look at this. The kid is good.

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