Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun with Boba

The other day the coolest thing happened. Some lady from Hasbro asked us if we wanted to give away some of the new Star Wars toys, which we kindly accepted.

I know we’re supposed to be giving them away and all that, but it was just too hard, we had to open one Boba Fett Helmet; we resisted it for a whole day but he just keep looking at me.

We all had a turn wearing the helmet, and did a few gag photos of us meandering through our every day work, but wearing the helmet whilst doing so. Crack up. What happened after that was quite disgusting, but nevertheless more entertaining than a few lame shots of us wearing the helmet at our desks.

Introducing, Hayden ‘The Hammer’ Bentley. P.s. It’s Hayden’s 21st on Saturday, so for all Ladies wanting to send in their panties, just drop them off to our store at 302 Great North Rd.

Oh yeah, giveaway to follow next week. And all the toys are brand new, completely clean and sterilized.

Steve keeps the Ajax at arms reach at all times. OCD.

Me. Super Kawaii.

Andy. drinking coffee. like a boss.

Wharehinga. dope bro.

Fett. at the bus stop. lol.

I was going to put something like, "Greetings earthlings" but then I realised that wasn't funny at all. Mel.

Old man Phil got amongst it, before declaring: "it's not practical".

Rob did wees out of his winky. it's so white, almost porcelain, and rumored to have no scent.

Rob offered $50 for Hayden to strip down. Should fund half an hour in town for him.

The Money shot. spread eagle.

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Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh look at those macs :-)
now give me a helmet please
i will do the total naked photo for one...i aint no chicken!