Tuesday, July 27, 2010


You’ve probably seen it by now – but the Auckland City Mission have an awesome campaign running at the moment that we’re proud to be supporting.

The Auckland City Mission think it’s pretty stink how people in poverty suffer. They dedicate their lives to it. They also think it’s super stink how much more people suffer when it’s freezing cold in Winter. They’ve dedicated this week to really helping out people suffering this Winter.

ASB have come to the party in a big way, contributing $40,000 cold hard cash (lol) to the Auckland City Mission. The money’s in the safe; the safe’s in the ice - You can free the safe. Simply txt 305 with your initials and your choice of FIRE, STEAM, OR WATER to melt the safe. then watch it at www.icemission.co.nz

We’ve done it, and it’s wicked fun. Here’s a screen shot of our effort. It only came up with MR but, MRV didn’t fit. I’m an idiot.

Do it. It's good and will make you feel a little bit warm and fuzzy inside.

Big ups to all the dudes on twitter helping out too. @Giapo, @UrgentCouriers, @ASBBank, @VodafoneNZ etc… goooood shiiiitttt.

oh and buy the t-shirt too.

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