Thursday, May 07, 2009

Swine Flu Design

We’re thinking about doing a ‘Swine Flu’ t-shirt (below). But is it too bad taste? Do we print it or not? We want you to tell us. We reckon the design concept is pretty wicked, but we obviously realise it’s a pretty sensitive subject, so we want to ask you for some community input – we really appreciate all the feedback we get from twitter, the website, facebook, and our newsletters – and we really do take it all on board and consider your opinions on such matters. In this case, we’re leaving it entirely up to you... Vote here.

Here’s some stuff that we’ve been considering that you might like to consider also.

There’s a whole raft of Swine Flu/ Bacon jokes and images going around the Internet at the moment. Granted, some of them are pretty crappy and tasteless, but all the same there seems to be a general feeling that the recent ‘Swine Flu’ panic may be in part an over-hyped media creation. Even old Peter Williams from Breakfast cracked a funny about it this week. And Peter’s one of the most inoffensive people around, he’s such a charmer I think you’ll all agree.

As we’ve done with a lot of our other designs, we’d of course donate 10% of each t-shirt sale to a charity – and not to use it as an excuse or justification – it’s just to show that we’re not money-hungry dicks that aim to offend and cause a stir. We’re all lovely boys. Each of our Mothers have said that.

So the ball is in your court, the voting is open for 24 hours only (so send the link to all your friends and enemies) after which time we’ll close voting and make our decision depending on what you’ve told us. If the vast majority of you reckon it’s ok to release the design, we’ll go to print tomorrow, if not, it will all be forgotten and we’ll still have another sweet NZ Music inspired tee for you.

Again, we know it’s a sensitive subject, we know lives have been lost – and in no way do we want to seem insensitive or disrespectful to the families of the deceased or the general public. Which is why we want your help, we appreciate and value your opinions so much that we’re letting you decide if this t-shirt goes to print.

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